The Oktoberfest is an old autumnal tradition, which is associated with much joy and fun. For an Oktoberfest you have to choose the right outfit and take enough time. For the tender sex it is of particular importance how they shape their hairstyles, if they are followers of the Oktoberfest. Therefore, the traditional hairstyles for the festival should really be suitable for a complete and perfect look!

What is meant by traditional hairstyles?

Behind the term costume hairstyles you do not have to imagine the stale Dutt- and Zopffrisuren that you know from old movies, but in contrast – all modern and classic hairstyles that fully complement the so-called Dirndl look. If you feel like doing your hairstyle yourself, you should try it out before the party so that you can enjoy a great hairstyle on a big day. In addition, you can first of all try out at home, which hairstyle fits the dirndl best.

Which hairstyles are suitable for a Drindl?

Total hit for long hair lately are the so-called braided hairstyles. They can be ideally combined with the country house appearance, which is the basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis and other folk festivals. With a variety of different types of braids, you can launch traditional or modern urban hairstyles, so that the country house outfit best suits your hairstyle. Of course it is not obligatory that only braided hairstyles are made for drindl. Other options include playful curly manes, the classic bun on the top of the head, or even girlish braids that are either worn open or put together to form slugs. If you have a traditional model, it will look great in a classic, understated, rather elegant hairstyle, while modern dirndl creations can also be combined with a modern, playful hairstyle. Great hair accessories to the traditional hairstyles could be for example a hair bow or floral wreaths in the hairstyle, which will certainly get an interesting end effect. Now give your creativity free rein and get down to work if you want to attract attention at the Oktoberfest!

The most beautiful Oktoberfest hairstyles of celebrities

Both German and international stars visit the famous German Dirndl, which is why they also appear with creative and varied costume hairstyles.


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