Your closest friend’s birthday is coming, and you still have no idea what gift you could choose for her? Do not panic! In this post we present you 7 wonderful DIY ideas for birthday best friend from which you can draw inspiration! The most beautiful thing about the homemade gifts is actually the fact that they are very personal and show a special attention to the recipient. Instead of buying something big and expensive, you could just take some time to make something special for your beloved girlfriend yourself – she will surely appreciate your nice touch! Let yourself be inspired and choose from our suggestions that you like the most!

Best Friend Birthday Gift: Idea 1 – Personalized Coffee Mug

Would you like to give something to your best friend for your birthday, which you will remember every day – for example, while she is drinking her morning coffee? Then we have the perfect idea for you, namely to make a personalized coffee cup! Painting” cups> is actually much easier than you might imagine – all you need is a white porcelain cup without decorations, special porcelain paints that you can find in the hobby shop, and some ethanol from the pharmacy to make any mistakes , You can decorate the mug with your girlfriend’s initials, or write an inspirational or humorous message for them.

Birthday present best friend: Idea 2 – homemade wall decoration

Another great gift that your girlfriend will remember for a long time is the home-made wall decoration. You can either create a love picture with several little hearts (as in the photo above), make a great photo collage or just frame your favorite photo with your girlfriend and original packaging. Choose a gorgeous vintage style picture frame, and your girlfriend would love to hang the picture proudly in the living room or bedroom as a symbol of her friendship!

Birthday Gift Best Friend: Idea 3 – Make Pop-up Card

If you want to congratulate your best friend on your birthday, you should not miss the original greetings card. That’s why we suggest you make a great pop-up card yourself! The three-dimensional images and congratulations that appear when you open the card will certainly delight your friend, and doing so is not complicated at all. Making a pop-up card yourself is even faster if you use a ready-made template – one can be found here” .>

Idea 4 – make Fimo jewelry yourself

There is hardly a woman who would not like to wear original, self-made jewelery – especially if she’s got it as a birthday present from a favorite person. There are a lot of possible variations to make fanciful pieces of jewelry yourself, but we suggest you to work with modeling clay because it is particularly fast and easy. From Fimo” you can conjure up fantastic necklaces rings earrings bracelets and pendants that look like real little works of art at the photos above to convince yourself.>

Idea 5: DIY jewelry stand

But maybe your girlfriend already has a lot of jewelry and you do not want to give her a new one? Then you could make a jewelry” stand for her so she never loses favorite necklaces or earrings the classic jewelry in tree shape is very easy to tinker you should only dye a branch and paint this example small flower pot full of stones stuck. from an old picture frame something rough bag fabric can also conjure original hanging stand.>

Idea 6: Make bath balls or bath salts yourself

Another DIY gift your girlfriend will appreciate is home -made” bath salts> – they can be used, for example, after a hard day’s work to relax. Doing” bath balls yourself> is not difficult at all and you can use the favorite scent” of> your best friend.

Idea 7: open me when writing letters

And the last gift idea” that we offer you is special me if bief> to make birthday of your dear friend – follow the link to learn all about it!

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