Online interior designers are enjoying ever greater popularity today. These special programs allow you to plan different changes in the interior and to imagine their effect quite realistically. Working with it is very simple – you do not need special computer skills to do this, and the virtual representation is qualitative and realistic. These programs can also perform several functions at the same time: for example, you can paint the walls differently while changing the furniture, changing the flooring, etc. On the market, of course, you can find a variety of such software, in this post But we have 5 beautiful and functional online room designers that you can use for free. Choose the variant that you like the most and have fun planning!

Free 3D Interior Designers: IKEA Home Planner

IKEA Home Planner is free, high quality and functional – everything you could want from a 3D room planner! The most interesting thing about this program is actually that the catalog is very rich and contains all the furniture offered by IKEA. So you can schedule the new facility, then calculate the total price (the program also has this option) and order the furniture. Quite simple, right? The finished project can also be printed out so that you can show it to your family, for example, or use it in the shop to find the products easier. IKEA has also developed a special kitchen planner that has a list of all the items you need to set up the kitchen – counters, kitchen island, electrical appliances. You will be able to see how the selected furniture will look exactly in your kitchen by entering the size of the room and the position of the windows and doors in the program. The final price will also be calculated automatically.

Online room planner: Homestyler

Homestyler is a gorgeous 3D room designer, which is also very suitable for beginners. The commanders are as simple as possible, but the program has a lot of functions – so you can design and move walls, select doors and windows. In this way one achieves a very realistic effect of the virtual representation. To work with the free version, you do not need special knowledge. But there is also a professional version – Homestyler PRO, which you can buy if you like working with the program. Homestyler also has a very rich catalog, which includes not only the most important pieces of furniture, but also many decorative elements – for example lamps, carpets. You can either print the finished sketch or send it to your friends via email or Facebook to discuss the project.


RoomSketcher is the online room planner with the most options compared to the programs described above. His rich catalog includes products from well-known manufacturers and is renewed and supplemented every week! The virtual representation is realistic and shr qualitative. Working with the program is really easy – once you have downloaded it, you can start planning right away! If you want to use RoomSketcher professionally, there are special versions for interior designers, architects and home builders.

My deco

The My Deco program is a classic 3D room planner that allows you to design your own project as well as play with pre-programmed plans. The functional interface gives you the opportunity to see the interior of different views. First you determine the position of the doors, windows and walls and then you select the furniture from the gallery.

Design My Room

Design My Room is a delightful, free room designer that allows you to play with the shapes and colors. You should choose only a certain room and determine the furnishing style (the options are varied – from industrial and minimalist to country house or even Baroque style). The program gives you plenty of room to experiment – with shapes, textures and colors, so you can imagine all sorts of combinations.

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