For years, the tattoo is fully in vogue. More and more people get tattooed. Are you a true tattoo fan? Have you been looking for new creative tattoo ideas for a long time? Then you are right here. Tattoo motifs appear in a variety of variants. But if you are looking for a unique tattoo, then opt for attractive tattoo sayings! Tattoo sayings are becoming more and more popular with women and men. They offer you the best way to express your personality in an effective and attractive way. Before you decide for a tattoo saying, but you should think twice. In order for the tattoo saying to be more impressive, the choice of perfect tattoo writing plays a particularly important role here. Which font is perfect for you? Let’s take a look at the top 30 ideas for cool tattoo fonts.

Cool tattoo fonts are available to every taste!


Tattoo sayings offer you the opportunity to make a clear statement on your skin. They reflect your lifestyle, but could also serve as a body jewelry. Which saying is right for you? The selection of motifs is huge. Whether only one word or phrase remains for eternity, you decide. Short spells could have a surprisingly large impact. Only really well advertised, wisdoms such as “Laugh every day, live every moment, love without limits” better. Depending on the form and font used, however, longer sayings can also strike the skin. Choosing cool tattoo fonts is a must for this reason. They beautify the tattoo design. Who says that a spell should always be in native language? But! Foreign languages ​​are becoming increasingly popular as phrases sometimes sound better in another language.

Tattoo sayings are modern, up-to-date and trendy!

Which tattoo saying is right for you?

Tattoo writings are suitable for many things and are a central part of almost all tattoo. You probably want to carry your life motto on your body forever? Or is it a reminder of the last holiday in the Arabic-speaking world? A unique tattoo that is characterized by its creativity? Own writing is a perfect idea! It is also popular to write the promise of marriage on the skin. You find most sayings too boring, cheesy or trite? Create an individual tattoo by choosing cool fonts!

Tattoo writings make for greater impact!

Tattoo sayings for couples!

Short tattoo font, great effect!

Your life motto forever!

More creative suggestions for attractive tattoo fonts can be found in the following gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

Tattoo font for your style!

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