A renovation is very expensive and often expensive. The same applies to the later furnishings of the apartment or the house. But that does not really have to be, because there are some tricks and tips, both playful and without much effort and cost of the hand, the question is how and through what?

Do you really wallpaper walls?

Are the walls well finished, the plaster evenly spread and the old wallpapers are down? Then you should really consider painting the walls with a well-covering wall paint and not papering. Walls are breathable and wallpaper often prevents this important air circulation. Besides, painting on a bare wall gives everyone a very special look as well. Rooms in old buildings, for example, whose ceilings are decorated with stucco ornaments, almost invite you to whitewash their walls with simple colors. It is always cheaper and also saves you money.

Nature with floor coverings

Far too seldom is the renovation of an apartment or a house respected for the good quality of the flooring. But just the bottom is the most important thing, because after all, this should last as long as possible and always look good. No matter in which room He is laid, the floor must sit and shine.

Who can bring old wooden floorboards to light, should do so. They look timelessly beautiful and original. To hide them with a plywood is almost a break in style and reprehensible. Natural products, such as bamboo parquet flooring, are being used more and more because they not only look very natural, they actually do. Bamboo parquet is also sustainably produced and produced, as this natural product grows back very quickly. A flooring made of bamboo parquet is therefore a very good and environmentally conscious alternative to conventional wood or plastic floors .

Walls out or in?

If a small kitchen and living room are intertwined and separated only by a door, why not just leave the door out or even make a breakthrough? As long as it is not a supporting element in the wall, has no supporting function and really only bothers you, you can also tear them away. The rooms automatically get such a flowing character and appear visibly larger. Set up the kitchen so that it acts as an American kitchen in an L or U shape, ie as the center of the room.

Style break is in

When setting up you should not necessarily stiffen on a style . The right mix brings life to the booth, because not only different color patterns of sofa, chair cushions, or curtains are alive, but also the pieces of furniture itself. So you can, for example, quietly add to an old and antique wooden table state-of-the-art polyester chairs in all imaginable colors. Similarly, to a state-of-the-art designer table, antique chairs from different eras, which you put together on antique and flea markets place. These still provided with colorful cushions, which are reflected in the pattern of the curtains of the room, perfect!

Fireplace or heating?

Fire is effective, is warm and extremely comfortable. Anyone who can, should make it possible and in the living room or kitchen consider a connection. However, one must follow very closely all the instructions and guidelines that it needs to ensure safe use. Natural warmth is the key. However, heating systems are very modern nowadays and can also be used with natural products such as pellets made of wood or similar. Underfloor heating systems are perfect if the rooms are provided with high ceilings, as is common in old buildings, for example. The direct heat underfoot is much more useful in such areas and stays stored longer.

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