Do you value well-groomed and beautiful manicures? The perfect choice for a delicate looking female hand is the french nails! They always fit perfectly with any outfit and will never go out of fashion. This is certainly the method that the hands look both groomed, and discreet!

For French Nails Manicure you only need a few things

If you have the following things, you will get the perfect french nails – stencils, wooden sticks, nail polish, nail polish remover and finally nail oil.

Step by step explanation for French nails

1. First of all, carefully remove the nail polish from the nails – only in this way the stencils can hold enough on the nails.

2. Then glue the stencils centrally on the nails exactly where you want the nail moon to start.

3. You really have to push hard so the stencils really hold. If there are air bubbles, you can carefully correct them with wooden sticks so that you do not injure your nails.

4. Then paint the tips of the nails over the stencils with white paint. Then let your nails dry really well so you do not smear them later. It could take from 5 to 10, possibly 15 minutes, depending on the type of nail polish.

5. When the nails are already dry, gently pull the stencils. If you have white paint on the skin, you can quickly correct this with a cotton swab with nail polish remover.

6. Then put a rose or noodle bag on the whole nail.

7. In the same way you have to wait until this varnish dries well too. Only then can your nails get additional clear coat. So the french nails last longer.

8. Finally, rinse a bit of nail oil on the cuticle.

Still some advice for perfect French nails

You may need a bit more time to glue the slides. If you keep quiet, then the manicure looks perfectly painted! It is recommended that when varnishing with rose or nude clay, this is not too dark or opaque. Otherwise, you will not get any real french nails!

French nails are not only white

French nails come in so many unique variations, depending on your own taste. White, black, red, yellow, pink, green, blue, etc. – all are super beautiful and always trendy, suitable for any occasion! In addition, you can decorate your french manicure in different ways – the variations are infinite, varied, unique!

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