Zen-master the job. Tips against everyday stress

Our everyday life is usually characterized by hectic and stress. Of course we know that this does not do us any good in the long term, so it’s even more important to just drive down in between. After that, one is directly much more productive and the little break is also profitable for the boss. But what concrete possibilities are there to reduce the everyday stress and are all equally effective?

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Organized workflow is half the battle

It is hard to believe, but a very important point in reducing stress at work over the long term is an organized workflow. Stress arises above all in situations in which you feel overwhelmed and do not know what activity you should start first. For organization as such, it is also important to establish a time management system that allows you a comfortable and regular workflow. If you are staring at the clock permanently with one eye and therefore can only be halfhearted at work, it is no wonder that stress arises. Therefore, in this context, an authoritative premise is always to start with the most important thing first. Things that can not be postponed should always have the highest priority. Before the actual work begins, it is also advisable to first get a clear idea of ​​which resources can be used and to differentiate them according to their relevance. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Could you perhaps rely on outside help at one point or another?
  2. Have you ever mastered a similar activity in the past and can you use that knowledge?

Possibly, the Internet will provide you with valuable information and valuable services and you can solve so independently problems, which is always well received by the boss.

Relaxation exercises help to switch off

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On a physical level, spending a full day at the desk is a significant burden. Since this is a relatively monotonous posture, which is associated with low physical stress, it not only relaxes the muscles, but often also cramp. In between, walk a few steps through the office and chat briefly with colleagues, so relax very quickly. For stiff neck muscles, there are great yoga exercises on the Internet that you can easily integrate into your professional life. But it’s even easier: Just do a few gymnastic stretching exercises that you can repeat every two or three hours depending on the intensity of the discomfort. The following three are especially recommended:

  • Lay your head on one side and gently pull it to the same side with your hand
  • Bend your upper body forward and cover your ankles with your hands
  • Put one leg over the other and allow the knee to tilt to the side with slight pressure

Depending on which exercises you choose, you can also alternate between them to create a permanent variety. Then you can sit back relaxed in the desk chair.

The right equipment in the workplace

Another point that is rightly so popular again and again is that of the right equipment in the workplace. Do you have a desk that is set correctly for your height and a desk chair that takes into account all ergonomic aspects? He should at least provide the following functions:

  • height adjustment
  • armrest adjustment
  • tilt adjustment

In addition to these elementary adaptation possibilities of a good desk chair, more expensive models can, for example, also offer a seat depth adjustment, which is particularly advantageous for tall people with long legs. In addition to the desk and desk chair, you should also make sure that the monitor is of good quality. Your eyes work hard every day when you look at the screen for many hours. The following table tells you what a good monitor can do:

function advantage disadvantage

brightness adjustment

Adaptation to environment

Possibly. Flickering for dimming

contrast adjustment

Better readability

Possibly. Tonwertabrisse

High resolution

Sharper presentation

Smaller font

A good monitor is capable of eliminating the negative effects of the first two points. Nonetheless, VDU work is tedious for the eyes, so it can also help to look out the window more often.


As you can see, there are a number of points that can help you to better master the everyday stress of your office job. It is important that you do not just implement a single tip for maximum success, but that you make a cumulative approach. This will cost you some overcoming in the beginning, but will soon become routine. Then you will not want to miss the positive effects.

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