Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, and that brings a lot of natural beauty and change. The days are shorter, but crisper; the full moon illuminates the night sky; the animals go on food discovery before the winter; the leaves turn from green to brilliant yellows, reds and oranges; The pine cones grow heavy enough to separate from their tree parents and distribute their seeds. Take a walk in a pine forest and collect some of the fallen pine cones. It’s the perfect time to make pine cones. With them you can realize a few innovative craft projects to bring nature into the house. This is really a fantastic way to celebrate the season.

Create Christmas spirit with pine cones

Does not always seem to be that when autumn comes, your schedule is suddenly packed? From festivals to football matches, schools and social events, it’s hard to focus on time and get back home. For a few years, it feels like the moment you finally decorate for the fall is also the time to change everything.

Let’s take the pine cone wreath. The beauty of this simple DIY decoration is that you can put it on now and it will keep you through the holidays and well into the new year. It adds the natural warmth and texture of the season and is enough to festive the holidays. And if you want something special for December, you can always put some green, such as Hypericum berries and even flowers. But we think that it is beautiful, exactly as it is. Other examples of homemade Christmas wreath can be found

What you need:
Pinecones – available at your local florist or craft store (we have about 80 for a 6-foot wreath)
Heavy twine or moss-covered wire – you’ll find it at your local craft store
Scissors or wire cutters

Step 1: Measure the desired length of the wreath with either string or moss covered wire. Secure the ends.
Step 2: Cut about 6 to 8 inch wire lengths and wrap each piece around the top row of each pinecone so that it is hidden from the ribs.
Step 3: Take at least three pine cones or more, depending on how thick you want the wreath to be and make a bundle by twisting the wires together.
Step 4: Add each bunch of pine cones to the wreath by twisting the wire on the yarn, one at a time, until the entire length of the wreath is filled.

Cut off excess knots and tie a loop on each end.
Step 5: (Optional) Make sure you get the wanted pine cone wreath shape by using a glue gun and attach the cones together.

Crafts with pine cones: Halloween spider

If you still need some last minute Halloween decorations, you can make a fast spider with just a pinecone, pipe cleaner and eyes; hang these on a tree or even in the doorways.

Miniature Christmas Tree

We are not all alike when it comes to excessive Christmas decorations: some are looking for something that shines throughout the year throughout the house, while others prefer a more subtle approach. For the latter, this pine cone-turned-Christmas tree can be the perfect little craft to add a touch of the season.

Crafts with pine cones: wreath

Since we’re the happiest time of the year for Santa, why not make your own pinecone wreath for the front door or over the fireplace? There are a lot of ways to make one, but we have chosen the simplest one.

Topiary with a twist

This beautiful topiary would look great outside in the garden or at the door entrance and is also handy for anywhere inside the house. The trick, the transformation of pine cones in roses, is to let them dry out first, so that they open.

Color pine cones

The delicate shape of a pinecone is really suitable for a simple decoration. You can color them or even spray or paint them, but make sure you get full coverage. Show them in a glass vase or bowl to brighten every area of ​​your home.

Crafting with pine cones: Crafty candle holder

This is one of those awesome projects that is extremely simple yet so effective. Try to mix and match different sizes of pine cones; You could also paint them in gold for an extra effect.

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