Every one of us has old newspapers and brochures at home that are already read and therefore useless. We suggest that you do something useful by realizing some fascinating craft projects! Because tinkering with newspaper is very easy and so you can create beautiful decoration and other useful things for the apartment. We hope you enjoy our creative ideas and suggestions and wish you a lot of fun!

Crafting with newsprint – making papier mache

Basteln mit Zeitungspapier inspirierende Ideen
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier mit Pappmache arbeiten
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Pappmache herstellen Anleitung
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Pappmache herstellen mit Kindern
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Lampenschirm Pappmache
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Lampenschirm japanischer Stil Pappmache
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Nachtlampe Globus originell
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Schalen aus Pappmache
With newsprint, you can make amazing things, and there are different techniques that you can try. And as already mentioned, the crafting is very easy, so your children can participate in it – so the fun will be twice as big! Firstly, we’ll show you how to make papier mache from newsprint and turn it into original deco or useful items. For this purpose, in addition to newsprint, you need wallpaper paste, brushes and balloons, as well as acrylic paints for coloring. First, we suggest you make an original lampshade – it’s a breeze even for beginners. Blow up a large balloon and tear the newspaper into pieces. Stir the wallpaper paste with water according to the packing instructions, let it thicken, and apply it with the brush to about two-thirds of the balloon. Then glue it with newspaper and allow the paste to dry out before applying a second coat and repacking with papyrus – two or three layers of newsprint are sufficient for a lampshade. Apply some wallpaper paste to the last layer of papyrus and let it dry out completely – preferably overnight. Then burst the balloon near the knot with the help of a needle. After removing the balloon, all you have to do is decorate the lampshade with acrylic paint. Find out more about handicrafts with paper mache Tinker with newspaper – weave with paper rolls
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Korb flechten Bilderanleitung
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Kobchen flechten
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Papierkorb selber machen
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier originelle Schüssel
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Papierrollen Bilderrahmen aufpeppen
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Bilderrahmen dekorieren
You could even weave with newspaper, and here we’ll tell you how to do it. This technique requires a bit more patience, but is simply ideal if you are looking for a relaxing leisure activity. The only thing you should do is to roll the newspaper. For this purpose, cut the newspaper about a hand-long way and help yourself to rolling with a knitting needle or wooden skewer. Roll with light pressure and then pull out the rod. For example, it is easy to braid a basket. In this case, you will need a round cardboard piece for the bottom of the basket, as well as 18 long rods, which you can attach all around to the box with the stapler. And how the braiding is actually, you can learn from our picture tutorial above. You can also decorate picture frames with rolled newsprint – as you can see from our photos, the result simply looks fantastic!

Tinker with newspaper – beautiful flowers

Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Deko Blumen selber machen
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Rosen falten Anleitung
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Papierrose falten
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Rosen falten und verzieren
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Rosenstrauss Deko
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier originelle dekorative Blumen
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Blumenstrauss Deko
Newsprint also lets you make beautiful flowers to decorate your home. For a rose, for example, you should paint a snail on the paper – straight or wavy. Then cut helically into the snail and begin to roll out the rose in a V shape at the outer end of the strip. To give the flowers the right shape, gently pry the leaves apart with a wooden skewer. Then glue the ends so that the rose does not wind up again and you’re done! To make the flowers look even more impressive, you can carefully paint their top edge or sprinkle them with a paint spray. If desired, you could also make a bouquet of newsprint roses and add a vintage touch to your home with this original decoration.

Tinker with newspaper – more creative ideas

Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Geschenke verpacken
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Geschenktüte falten Bilderanleitung
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Tüten selber machen
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier herrliche Tüten Geschenke
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Geschenke verpacken originell
Newsprint can also be used for fascinating gift wrapping – the older and the more yellow the paper, the better. For more great crafting ideas with newspaper, have a look at the photos below!
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier tolle Grusskarten selber machen
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Geschenktüten herrlicher Look
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Lampenschirm herrlicher Look
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Schmetterling herrlicher Look
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier tolle Schmuckstücke
Basteln mit Zeitungspapier Sterne falten

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