In our web site, you can find many articles in the field of wedding, because we realize how important the wedding day actually is. Everything should be perfectly organized on this most beautiful day in life. Wedding cards are also an integral part of the celebration, so you should take enough time to do so. There are all sorts of wedding cards – invitations, menu cards, thanksgiving cards, place cards. Of course you can order all of these from the shop. But it would be much more interesting if you make your own wedding cards yourself. Why not! So you save a lot of money on the order costs. In addition, you can let your creativity run wild. In the following article you will find interesting suggestions for various wedding cards. Let yourself be fascinated!

Making wedding cards is fun

When talking about wedding cards, there are many options available. Wedding cards can have different applications and can be found in many variants. If you make your own wedding cards, you can design these according to your wishes and tastes in your favorite colors. The decoration is entirely up to you. In addition, you would certainly enjoy crafting, especially if you do this task with the partner!

Wedding invitations

The invitations are the first thing to worry about when organizing the wedding party. With the help of the invitations you tell your favorite human that you will make the most important decision in life and that you would be very happy if friends and family take part in it. That’s why it’s so important how you design the invitations. A nice italic font is recommended. On the front you can stick a joint photo or simply decorate with other materials as desired. All the important details regarding the celebration should be included in the invitation.

Wedding Menu

Menu cards give guests a brief overview of the specialties that will be served later. Of course, these should be adapted to the table decoration. If you organize a sumptuous celebration, then you can rather opt for bright colors. But if the wedding would be rather simplistic, then more subtle colors such as cream are suitable.

Wedding place cards

The wedding place cards are an essential detail on the holiday. These show the guests the place at the table in an interesting way. On the card could be written all the names, as well as initials.


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