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Crafting a school bag will also delight parents – try our DIY ideas to see for yourself! Aside from sweets, you can also pack in the bag various little gifts that would be useful in the child’s everyday school life, of course, taking into account his own taste. And making a school bag is really easy, and does not take much time – just perfect if you’re not a big fan of crafting projects. Below we offer you some instructions that you can imitate both independently and with the child. Choose the idea that you like best!

Make a school bag out of cardboard

For our first suggestion you need the following materials that can be found in any craft store: Scrapbooking paper / cardboard in any color, tissue paper, tape, a hot glue gun, and a pair of scissors. First, you should make the box into a cone – the more the ends overlap, the smaller the diameter would be. Glue the ends of the paper together with the hot glue gun and carefully cut the point that protrudes from the top due to the corners of the box. Next, you should apply some hot glue to the top inside edge of the box – this will fix the tissue paper used to seal the school bag. Now fill these with gifts and sweets. When you are sure that the glue has dried well, tie the tissue paper with a loop. And done!

Make school bag out of fabric

Making school bag is also made of cloth, and that’s actually our second idea. For this you need a square piece of fabric or felt with great designs (you can choose the size as you like, we recommend you to use it about 45cm). However, you should expect that crafting a school bag made of fabric is a bit more difficult compared to the first idea. Fold the fabric diagonally in the middle to form a triangle and fix it with pins so that the fabric does not slip during work. To get a cone shape, you should now cut one of the two sharp corners – it is best to mark the spot with a pencil so that the cut becomes as straight as possible. Iron the material so that no unpleasant wrinkles develop later. To close the school bag you need a second, best decorative fabric. Pick it up and cut it off by using the first piece of fabric as a template. Allow a little bit of the second material on both sides. If it’s thinner, you could double or even triple it. In this case you should fix the layers together so that they do not slip – use the sewing machine for this purpose (two seams are sufficient). Furthermore, the seams would form a web, allowing you to thread a loop and lock the bag. Now you should shape the cone. Turn the first fabric upside down and attach the thin fabric along with pins. Sew both fabrics together and fold the fabric in the middle to form a triangle – the left side of the fabric should face up. Fix the two edges – again with pins and sew them together. Now you should only turn over the finished school bag. Finished!

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