Would you like to create a particularly romantic atmosphere in the apartment, on the terrace or in the garden? Then we suggest you to make lanterns yourself! Lanterns are a wonderful decoration for every season and can create a sociable feel-good ambience both indoors and out. We hope you enjoy our DIY ideas and wish you lots of fun with the Windlichter tinkering!

Wind lanterns make a romantic atmosphere

Windlichter basteln Herzen Aufkleber Glitzerband
Windlichter basteln winterlich Sternchen SchneeflockchenWindlichter basteln Sticker Herbstblätter
Windlichter basteln hängend Gartenparty
Windlichter basteln Sticker Halloween
Windlichter basteln mit Dekosand herrlicher Look
Wind-crafting is very easy and you can also use various upcycling materials from the household, such as disposable jars without lids, old jam and mustard jars, baby food jars, empty jars, small glass bowls and tumblers that you no longer need. There are a number of creative DIY ideas for crafting fascinating lanterns, which you can try out: the easiest way is, for example, to decorate empty disposable glasses with glitter and stickers or decoration sand – the second option looks really romantic. Such lanterns put the candlelight in an incredibly beautiful way scene and make a great decoration for all sorts of festive occasions dar. So you can make, for example, dreamlike lanterns as a table or garden decoration for Halloween – it literally for minutes and the only thing you do it You need old jam jars and matching stickers like spiders, pumpkins, bats and ghosts.

Tinker lanterns – a stylish decoration for every season

Windlichter basteln Obstscheiben Zimtstangen Herbst
Windlichter basteln Herbst
Windlichter basteln trockene Obstscheiben Zeitungspapier
Windlichter basteln winterlich tolle Ideen
Windlichter basteln Trinkglas Wollsocke
Windlichter basteln Treibholz maritim
Windlichter basteln maritim Einmachgläser
Windlichter basteln Scherben Muschelschalen maritim
Windlichter basteln Muschelschalen
Thematic autumn or winter lanterns you can tinker with your children very easily. We suggest decorating empty mason jars or cans with colorful leaves that you have pressed between book pages to dry out. The leaves can also be cut out of construction paper or felt using templates. Another option is to fill the glasses with dry fruit slices, acorns, chestnuts and other natural materials, down to the middle. And the winter lanterns can be decorated with gold and silver glitter, snowflakes and stars made of paper or artificial snow. You could even dress a drinking glass in an old woolen sock – the result looks really impressive! And for the summer you can make fascinating Windlichter tinker – creative idea for festive occasions
Windlichter basteln Spitze schwarz elegant
Windlichter basteln Spitze Schleifen
Windlichter basteln Klebefolie Herz Lichterkette
Windlichter basteln Teelichter Rose schwimmend
Windlichter basteln schwimmende Kerzen romantisch
Windlichter basteln Gläser Klebeband
Windlichter basteln buntes Klebeband Teelichter
If you use smaller lantern glasses, you could spice them up quickly with some colorful tape. The result looks particularly stylish, even if you decorate the tealights with the colorful adhesive tape instead of the glasses themselves. And for a fantastic vintage look, use lace! The lace is a filigree material that looks really delicate and elegant, and that makes the decorated lighthouses just perfect for wedding decoration! Another great idea is to decorate the lantern glasses with foil and cut out a big heart in it. Instead of the classic tealights, you can also use small fairy lights or LED lights. These romantic lanterns are a wonderful decoration for Valentine’s Day!

Beautiful turrets make – more ideas and suggestions

Windlichter basteln duftend Kräuter
Windlichter basteln Stoffreste
Windlichter basteln originell mit Glaskies
Windlichter basteln Glaskies Aussenbereich
Windlichter basteln Draht zum Aufhängen
Windlichter basteln zum Aufhängen Aussenbereich
Windlichter basteln für den Garten mit Glaskies
You can make wonderful fragrant lanterns by placing herbs in the lanterns, such as rosemary, thyme and lavender, and filling them with liquid wax. Put a wick in the middle and tie it to a wooden stick so that it stands straight. The lantern glasses can also be filled with colored glass caskets (or shards of glass), decorated with bows and scraps of cloth, glued to old newspaper – the possibilities are really enormous! For more inspirational ideas, have a look at our photos below!
Windlichter basteln Glas mit Ornamenten verzieren
Windlichter basteln und an einen Baum aufhängen
Windlichter basteln grünes band Rosmarin Zweige
Windlichter basteln originell Aussenbereich Glitter
Windlichter basteln Garten Einweggläser
Windlichter basteln tolle Ideen für den garten
Windlichter basteln für den garten Metalldosen
Windlichter basteln Schüssel dekorieren Decoupage
Windlichter basteln Glasschale dekorieren Decoupage
Windlichter basteln Glitter Sprühfarbe Draht
Windlichter basteln schwarze Kieselsteine Garten

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