Tinker lantern belongs to the children’s craft activities as well as the advent calendar. The lantern should be unique and meet the children’s wishes. Lanterns are not made for St. Martin. For Halloween and Christmas, making lantern is also a popular activity. For

A lantern you can also tinker with the simplest things in the kitchen and a little imagination at home. For example, for these two lanterns you need two glasses, color of your choice, some natural rope or bow and the filling is up to you. You cut out a figure based on a template, for example a deer head. Glue these on the glass and paint the rest with white paint. When the paint has dried, tie a piece of natural rope around the glass opening. Fill with dried rosehips, beans or whatever you find in the kitchen. Then put the candle in the middle and you will enjoy a pleasant light in the room, which would give you a Christmas mood.

Make paper lantern yourself

For this lantern you need:

  • Black paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Klebsoff
  • 30 cm wire
  • Transparent film
  • candle

This is how it continues:

Cut out a template as shown and draw the shape on the black paper.

Carefully cut out the individual components and arrange them on the table.

Use the pair of scissors to cut out the adhesive tabs and fold.

The transparent foil in the same shape as the lantern walls cut and stick on the inside.

Glue together the individual elements and finally bring in the floor.

Lantern is almost ready, you just need a little wire to hang and can already light the candle and put it in. A tip from us, if the lantern should hang, rather use a tealight, because it is lighter than a candle and the floor will not bend.

Stickers for embellishment are to choose according to your own request. Well, you made a unique lantern. Have fun with it!

Paper lanterns are made from muffin paper cups

For this artwork you only need a hot glue gun, a paper lantern and muffin paper cups in different colors. Take off the paper lamp and start working. You take the Muffinpapierförmchen and stick with the bottom back to the lantern surface. You can make colored shapes, for example Рflowers or others. First arrange the figures on the table or floor and gradually transfer the pictures on the lantern. You will be amazed at how effective it looks.

Make hurricane lamps with children

Tinkering lantern is a very popular family activity with the kids. From the simple LED garden lanterns you can conjure up with your children great eulelaternen. Simply cut a few pairs of feet, paper-sheet wings, as needed, and for the eyes you will need small black and larger white circles of paper glued together and a pair of triangles for beak. It’s very fast, the kids will definitely enjoy it and in the end there will be great owl lanterns.

Luminous mobile from tuna boxes

Lantern tinker with paper carving

Lantern from beer cans –

Vintage lantern made of natural rope and playing ball

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