Textile cables are cloth-sheathed cables that are fully functional, leaving plenty of room for creativity. A creative idea is to make lights with the help of these textile cables , which are available in different designs and colors. There are some creative do-it-yourself tips in this post.

Funny ideas like these can be implemented particularly well with textile cables. These are not only much more flexible than classic cables, but they are also available in many different designs and colors.

Puristic lamp variants

Reduced-looking lampshades and twisted bulbs ensure a wow effect in a purist dress.

Еs is the minimum program of how to create a luminaire with textile cables: the cable comes with a natural colored lamp or with a colored lightbulb. The cable length is chosen so that the lamp floats directly at the appropriate height. If you want, you can pimp the cable accordingly. So balls can be threaded with holes in the color of the cable or in a matching color. This not only stabilizes the cable, but also demonstrates an individual touch and underlines the do-it-yourself character of the lamp. Anyone who wraps the textile cable with a solid wire can use it to create creative structures that are made possible above all by the modelable wire wrap and the movable textile cable. The installation of the lamp at a simple angle or a gallows, which is screwed to the wall and acts as a holding device, is also quite puristic.

Tip: The suspension may be puristic, but there are now quite sensational energy-saving lamps that provide the wow effect. Twisted light bulbs turn into a light sculpture, which mainly works because the surrounding is characterized by simplicity. Meanwhile, there are now models in which light-emitting diodes in the glass provide the X-factor.

Natural lamp creations

To achieve a natural lamp design, it does not necessarily have to be wood. This knit look is also conceivable to radiate naturalness and purity.

Natural lamp creations are very easy to implement. In addition to the textile cable, the material Speaking of frame: Who has a wooden frame could put in the middle of the frame a light bulb instead of a picture. The textile cable can be used to wrap the frame around and position the light source.

Lampshades as colorful as life

Admittedly, lampshades sometimes have a rather antiquated touch, but especially in combination with textile cables, they hardly limit creativity. Anyone who creates a lampshade similar to a lantern and uses the favorite motifs of the offspring, with the Lightning McQueen or the Eisprinzessinnen lamp provides for a truly creative nursery decoration . But even a wire mesh, which is woven with colorful yarn, can be a great lampshade. An old bicycle tire underlines the industrial look. Origami lampshades make up the loose, lightweight lampshade variant. Anyone who illuminates a tin, on the other hand, needs a little more natural light because the tin can not transmit any brightness as a lampshade.

Tip: Even those who want to create a floor lamp with a lampshade, are usually well advised with a textile cable, because it shines with flexibility, functionality and a light form in the processing.

The use of textile cables can be so practical

Even outside, the use of special textile cables is possible.

In addition to these highly creative approaches, the practical side of textile cables should not be neglected. Textile cables create light wherever regular cables are unsightly or impractical. The dark clothes rack in the corner of the dressing room can be quickly equipped with a textile cable lamp and the clothes are already in the right light.

Even in the nursery, a textile cable light helps to combine practicality and usefulness. If you hang the bulbs at a safe height, you can conjure up a

The use of a textile cable can in the broadest sense even help with the recycling of the unused. As a lampshade or as a version of the bulb may finally be used, which pleases. A traditional cup, an expressive concrete frame or a colorful silicone mold. When designing with textile cables, the more exciting the material mix is, the more creative the lamp will look.

Practical tip: Since not only the cable, but also a luminaire belongs to the textile cable luminaire, it makes sense to study the information of the consumer center . It provides an important help in choosing the right lamp, which ultimately decides on the use of the creative lamp.

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