Whether it’s a Halloween party, a theme party with Halloween costumes or just a work party with colleagues for the spooky event, everyone should be officially invited. A Halloween invitation should of course be adapted to the theme of the Halloween party – creepy, with skeletons or painted funny, that’s up to you! But you can easily create a good mood if you make the Halloween invitation yourself. Not too expensive materials you need to make a terrible invitation yourself. Get creative ideas from our DIY ideas so you do not scare your guests bad!

Make Halloween invitation yourself – make funny character cards yourself

The Halloween party starts with the invitation and she has to say the motto. Halloween invitation designed in a spooky shape looks very original and 100% guarantees the commitment of your guests! Plus – it’s easy to do it yourself! You should simply print out and cut out a template of the desired motif. Terrible motives, such as a skull in an envelope, a bloody invitation or why not a mummy, are a real scary party? For the last one we have a creative DIY guide for you. Follow the steps and surprise your guests with invitations with a unique design!

Make DIY Halloween invitation yourself – Here’s how:

Generally, you need the following materials when making an invitation, whether it’s Halloween invitation or birthday invitation crafts: colorful paper in colors of your choice, scissors, ruler, printables, if you do not want to paint something yourself, finished colorful envelopes, a tape and various accessories for sticking (such as the eyes of the mummy in the picture). Now look at the instructions:

DIY Party Mummy Making DIY: DIY Instructions

The required materials:

  • construction paper
  • duct tape
  • adhesive
  • scissors
  • Wackelaugen
  • White paper
  • ruler

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: Crush the white paper.

Step 2 : Using ruler, cut the paper in some ribbons.

Step 3: Glue these and the wobbly eyes on the construction paper so that the invitation looks like a mummy.

Second page of Halloween invitation: Print template with text and paste

Your Halloween invitation card is ready!

For the painters – DIY invitation card with watercolor design

Scroll down to get some inspiring ideas!

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