Easter will soon be here, so you should think about the preparations for the festival early. Of course, this also includes the imaginative Easter decoration, with the help of which you would bring cheerful mood into your own four walls. In this post we offer you some creative craft ideas for great

Easter is the ideal time to let your imagination run wild and decorate your home and garden beautifully. Easter decoration itself is, as already said, a really pleasant task that would give you a lot of fun and enjoyment – even if you can not handle the DIY projects so cleverly. From this article you can draw inspiration – here we have collected especially for you some original crafting ideas. Let’s start by making an Easter basket yourself – for example, you could decorate perfectly the festive table or the mantelpiece. All you need is a braided basket, a disposable glass, and beautiful spring flowers of your choice – tulips, hyacinths, snowdrops. Fill the basket with Easter grass (it can also be easily made from a sheet of green construction paper), and place the disposable glass in the middle. Fill it up to half with water and put in the flowers. Finished! Maybe you could also take artificial flowers – so you get a beautiful decoration that you can use in the coming years. It is best to attach the flowers only on one side of the basket or around the handle so that the result does not look so cheesy. Instead of flowers, you could put your Easter eggs in the basket – on Easter grass or on a soft cloth. If you are a little more skilled, you could also dress the basket with cloth: use old pieces of clothing or fabric scraps – preferably with floral and other spring motifs.

Make Easter decoration – cute Easter bunnies, table decoration and much more

The festive table at Easter is best decorated with floral arrangements. These can be done easily: tie the small bouquets with bows and place them in vases or glass bottles. You could opt for transparent vases, and also put in some lemon slices – the result looks really original! The tablecloth or cloth napkins (if you use them) can also be festively decorated – you can, for example, cut felt rabbit silhouettes out of felt, and simply sew the figures on the napkins. Cute rabbits or chicks could also be cut out of construction paper and thus make fabulous garlands for the nursery. And if you want to give joy to the little ones, make Easter bunnies together! The easiest way is with paper (for example, with a template that you have downloaded from the Internet), or from old socks – in this case, except for a few socks that you no longer wear, you also need needle and thread, scissors, Wiggle eyes or buttons for the eyes, as well as some cotton wool to fill the rabbit. So you get an original toy, which is also a wonderful gift for toddlers. With the homemade rabbits you can also decorate the mantel or the coffee table in the living room. The small figures, sewn of felt, are also a magnificent decoration for the front door, with which you can replace the traditional flower wreath. The fascinating crafting ideas for Easter decorations are unfortunately too much to be included in an article. But we hope that we have inspired you to copy some of our suggestions yourself!

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