Christmas is almost here and we have a great proposal for you to put yourself in a festive mood – making Christmas tree decorations! Below are some inspiring DIY ideas for home-made decorations that you can use to Make Christmas tree decorations and create a festive atmosphere at home
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Christmas tree decoration Crafting has become a tradition in many families today and the reasons are many. The homemade decorations are unique and you can make your Christmas tree a real eye-catcher – just look at our photos to see for yourself. Christmas crafting is also a great way to save some money and will create a festive and fun atmosphere in your home. The crafting ideas for Christmas tree ornaments are actually enormous and here we try to represent only a small part of it to inspire you. Follow our suggestions or let your imagination run free and decorate your Christmas tree with home-made decoration!

DIY: Christmas tree decoration made of paper

Christbaumschmuck basteln Ornamente ausschneiden Karton
Christbaumschmuck basteln Sterne falten
Christbaumschmuck basteln tolle Ideen mit Papier
Christbaumschmuck basteln Engelchen Papier
Christbaumschmuck basteln Tannenzapfen Karton
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Christbaumschmuck basteln Tannenbaum Papier
Christbaumschmuck basteln Quilling
Christmas Tree Decorations Crafting can actually be done using a variety of materials – paper, cardboard, fabric, natural materials such as wood, nuts, fruits, etc. What you choose depends on how you “see” your Christmas tree decorations. Most DIY ideas are easy to imitate, and are even suitable for toddlers. Of course, it’s clear that paperworking is the easiest. Using stencils made from construction paper or cardboard, you can cut out various figures – Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, etc. – and hang them on the Christmas tree. And if you want original three-dimensional ornaments, you could fold stars, make snowflakes, make flowers using techniques like quilling or origami.

Christmas tree decorations are made of natural materials and fabric

Christbaumschmuck basteln Naturmaterialien
Christbaumschmuck basteln Stern Zimtstangen
Christbaumschmuck basteln Glaskugel Rosmarin
Christbaumschmuck basteln Tannenzapfen Beeren
Christbaumschmuck basteln Pinienzapfen Engelchen
Christbaumschmuck basteln getrocknete Orangenschalen
Christbaumschmuck basteln originelle Ornamente Filz
Christbaumschmuck basteln Weihnachtsmann Filz
Christbaumschmuck basteln Glaskugel Spitze
Christbaumschmuck basteln Christbaum Filz
Christbaumschmuck basteln Ornamente Filz
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Very original, the DIY ornaments look made of felt or fabric remnants. It is not necessary that you can sew – with the hot glue gun tinkering is also very easy. Santa Claus, stars, snowflakes, little fir-trees, gingerbread men – choose the motive you like best! The finished figures can then be decorated to taste with pearls, sequins, glitter, buttons, lace, etc. Additionally decorate and hang. No less attractive is the home-made decoration with natural materials. The pine cones, for example, can be hung up very easily and can be used to make interesting ornaments, such as cute little angels. For this purpose, you only need wooden beads for the head (attach them with the hot glue gun) and white paper to cut out the wings. But even if they are only decorated with a bow, the pine cones make a beautiful Christmas tree decoration – the same applies to other types of nuts such as chestnuts and acorns, berries and mistletoes, as well as the dried orange slices. These are actually very easy to do at home, and as a result, you get a fragrant decoration that really smells like Christmas! The same applies to the cinnamon sticks, which can also be attached to the Christmas tree.

Making Christmas tree decorations – more ideas and suggestions

Christbaumschmuck basteln Cupcake Styropor Kugel
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Christbaumschmuck basteln Kranz Perlen
Christbaumschmuck basteln Glaskugel Marshmallows
Christbaumschmuck basteln tolle Idee mit Knöpfen
Christbaumschmuck basteln alte Glühbirnen
Christbaumschmuck basteln Glühbirne Schneemann
Christbaumschmuck basteln Weihnachtskugeln verzieren
Christbaumschmuck basteln Babyfotos
Christbaumschmuck basteln Farbpinsel dekorieren
Christbaumschmuck basteln Styropor Kugel verzieren
Christbaumschmuck basteln Weihnachtsbaumkugeln dekorieren
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Christbaumschmuck basteln Ornamente aus Strohhalmen
As a basis for homemade Christmas tree decoration you can also use white styrofoam balls and decorate them with any color, glitter, beads, buttons, rhinestones, etc. You could also use the original decoupage technique, where you can use paper napkins to create real little works of art yourself! On the market you will also find transparent Christmas tree balls that can be opened. These can not only be decorated, but also filled to taste – for example, with marshmallows, aromatic rosemary sprigs, etc. Be creative, and also use household items that are already useless, such as old light bulbs that are quite light turn into funny snowmen (see our photos for examples)!

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