While the traditional fir tree is pretty to protect nature, more and more people are choosing different alternatives. In this post, we’ll give you some creative and eco-friendly ideas in this regard, and show you how to make a Christmas tree. We hope you will try some of our suggestions yourself. Enjoy reading and a Merry Christmas!

Make eco-friendly Christmas tree and decorate with children

Weihnachtsbaum basteln umweltfreundlich Papier
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Weihnachtsbaum basteln und verzieren mit Kindern
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Christmas tree making is actually quite easy and for the purpose of many different materials can use – just let your imagination run wild! Here are a few great DIY ideas that you can realize together with your children – so the fun will undoubtedly be twice as big! The easiest way to make a Christmas tree made of colored paper, cardboard, cardboard or felt. Cut out a tree of the desired size and attach it to the wall with some tape to give it a stable background. And now the best – you can decorate the “Christmas tree” imaginatively together with the child. For this purpose make Christmas tree balls, a big star for the tree top and other decorations made of paper and felt and fix them with the help of some tape. Another great idea is to decorate the Christmas tree made by you with beautiful family photos – so the result will look really unique!

Make Christmas tree from toilet paper rolls: inspiring upcycling idea

Weihnachtsbaum basteln Klopapierrolle
Weihnachtsbaum basteln aus Klopapierrollen Anleitung
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Weihnachtsbaum basteln und verzieren Klopapierrolle
A wonderful Artificial Christmas tree make out of Christmas balls – instructions
Weihnachtsbaum basteln künstlich stilvoll
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An artificial tree made of Christmas balls you can easily make yourself – the result looks really stylish! You will need about 20 Christmas balls in different sizes (to get a spiral effect), a 14cm long knitting needle, a ribbon reel and possibly a star for the tip. Thread the knitting needle through the bottom of the spool and put small pieces of styrofoam into the hole if it is too large – it is important that the needle is upright. For the base of the tree you need four large Christmas balls. Arrange these on the needle by sliding the metal loops of the balls over the tip. Repeat this process with another four balls, which are slightly smaller – each ball is fitted between two of the larger ones. Continue to scale the ball according to your size – the smallest should be at the top of the tree. Depending on your wishes, the Christmas tree can consist of sixteen, twenty or more balls – in this case, however, the knitting needle should also be slightly larger. At the top you attach the poinsettia or other ornaments to your taste. And done! If desired, you could also decorate the floor with green branches or colorful bows, so that your homemade, artificial Christmas tree still fest festlicher looks like.

Tinker Christmas tree – more creative ideas and craft suggestions

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Weihnachtsbaum bastel umweltfreundliche Ideen
Small and very impressive Christmas trees can be made from pine cones, which you can decorate with pompoms and other ornaments. Or you can wrap some wire around a foam cone to get a beautiful fir shape. An eco-friendly Christmas tree can also be made from old newspaper or driftwood, you can also fold napkins like a fir to decorate the festive table – the possibilities are really enormous! For more inspirational crafting ideas, take a look at our photos. We wish you lots of fun and success in crafting!
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