It does not happen every day in the Christian community that baptism is an important occasion to celebrate and a very emotional moment for the whole family. After the christening, parents usually organize a celebration – some choose a small party in the close family while others organize a big party for the baby. Regardless of which group you belong to, the beautiful table decoration is important to create a festive atmosphere and to make the christening party a lasting memory. That’s why in this article we give you some wonderful ideas for table decoration baptism that can serve as a role model. We hope you like the suggestions below and hope you enjoy reading!

Make a table baptism – ideas for an unforgettable party

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Tischdeko Taufe Gartenparty organisieren
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What is the most important thing when organizing a baptism? First, the godfathers are appointed, followed by the ceremony in the church and, finally, in a preselected place – at home, in the garden, in a restaurant. If you count among the guests and help the parents of the child with the organization, you should also think of a suitable gift. In general, the more important your role in the ceremony is, the bigger and more remarkable the gift should be – some great DIY table decoration baptism – helpful tips
Tischdeko Taufe Torte Kreuz Süssigkeiten
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Tischdeko Taufe Blumen
Tischdeko Taufe Gartenparty
Tischdeko Taufe Baum Leuchte Taube
Tischdeko Taufe Spitztüte Bonbons
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Tischdeko Taufe Luftballons
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The stylish table decoration for baptism should also follow a specific color concept – you can find examples of this in our photos. For toddlers, gentle, pastel shades are the best choices – usually parents opt for rosy tints for the girls and blue color schemes for the boys. This is not a rule you should follow anyway – experiment with the colors to create original effects! The baptismal decoration, if you also use photos for it, would be absolutely beautiful – you could, for example, create a garland from the most beautiful photographs of the child and decorate the table or hang it over it. Such personal decoration is particularly creative and also arouses strong emotions. If desired, you can also opt for certain party mottos and write them on small table cards – this Art Deco would look really stylish and theme parties are currently also fully in vogue! Another great idea is to pack small gifts for the guests and to put them on the table as a decoration.

Stylish table decoration make baptism yourself – ideas and inspirations

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Tischdeko Taufe Girlande aus Papier basteln
Tischdeko Taufe Torte Girlande Namen
Tischdeko Taufe Geschenkbox Schmetterling Papier
Tischdeko Taufe Beutel kleine Geschenke
Tischdeko Taufe Einweggläser Blumen
Tischdeko Taufe Flaschen dekorieren Ballons
Choose a chic looking tablecloth and arrange the food: delicious party treats, ornate cupcakes and, of course, the cake are actually the best table decorations – especially if they are served in an original way! Arrange beautiful floral arrangements yourself and put name badges for the guests – as already mentioned, you could also order a small, personalized gift for every place in addition to the cutlery. The table can also be decorated with candles, garlands, balloons, handmade paper angels and other figures. The chairs can be decorated according to your wishes. For a stylish result you should not exaggerate, and follow the principle: “Less is more”!

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