Inspired by nature, wooden houses bring natural materials together to create beautiful homes that are easy to set up. They are airy when wet and use moisture when it is dry.
While certain apartments lose their value in due course, one notices an increase in the price of the timber prefabricated houses. The building standards for these houses are very high nowadays. This means that you will get good quality at home and you will enjoy staying at home. Normally, wooden houses are much more appreciated than traditional houses of the same size. So, you will have more equity in your home, and if you need to sell, you will make a nice profit.

Ecologically, wood is one step ahead of the other building materials

Compared to man-made building materials, wooden houses create a natural surface for the homeowner. In addition to the naturalness, wood gives your home a very pleasant atmosphere, while wooden floors and walls are always warm and dry to the touch. Wood as a material has the property of extracting moisture from the air in the room if it is too humid, and to re-pour it if the air is too dry.

In today’s world, major builders are making great efforts to develop the best possible ecological, modern and professional human habitat. People always want the best quality products, those that have been created for them, ecologically friendly, professional and authentic.

Wooden houses or artwork

This type of building is the most popular for private residential construction in Western Europe and Scandinavia – regions that are close to Latvia in climatic proximity, natural conditions and tastes of customers. The prefabricated houses have recently gained in popularity due to the economic and environmental factors and not least because of their
practical properties.

Construction speed and quality

The prefabricated houses, both standard and individual projects, are manufactured industrially in workshop conditions. This ensures the quality of the selected wood constructions and all the individual parts are set up quickly.
An important advantage of prefabricated houses – the building can be placed on a wide range of foundations. Eckelementfundamente, screwed pile foundations, slab foundations, concrete foundations, etc. can be used. Modern technology has the ability to create maximum thermal efficiency of the building and to build it much faster than traditional houses. It even eliminates the need to wait (harden) as it is the traditional method. In addition, assembly and assembly at a particular location does not require much time and use of heavy construction machinery. This reduces the total cost of the project, which is important to the customer, and it protects the environment. Experience shows that a comfortable home can be constructed at a reasonable price, from conception to the end, only in the context of a summer season.

Applicability, safety and ecological thinking

Timber houses are much cheaper than other types of buildings in their construction and operation. Thanks to their excellent thermal insulation you have lower costs in the heating season, regardless of the type of heating. These buildings are designed and built to all EU requirements and safety standards. They are fireproof and are characterized by the fact that they are not endangered by aggressive environmental factors (moisture, various termites, rust, etc.). It is important that the prefabricated houses offer the residents a comfortable microclimate. The buildings naturally “breathe” in the summer has a pleasant coolness, while in winter it is easy to keep in the heat. Natural building materials and thermal insulation materials that are used to give the interior wood a natural flavor also provide the homeowner with a natural, non-allergic environment. Finally – prefabricated buildings do not necessarily need a capital basis. This is the only type of building that is legal in various areas of conservation, where the current state law prohibits capital construction.

Timber finished houses – Various architecture and design options

Prefabricated building technology allows a wide range of customer request fulfillment in the appearance of the building and the creation of planning and interior decoration. It is not difficult, if necessary; various extensions, such as terraces, roofs, terraces, etc. – add new elements of construction to the existing building

Houses in wooden frame

Nowadays, there are different types of construction for both, wood and concrete, houses. Many companies design, develop, coordinate projects and build wooden houses. Parts of wooden houses are made in the factory and then transported to the place. For frame buildings, wood is used because it is a natural and living material that has sufficiently low thermal conductivity, so the house is protected from heat. In contrast to conventional plank wood-framed houses, the construction of wooden houses does not require continuous seam planks for connection, and is capable of relatively high loads.

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