No matter that the cold days have come, you must be dressed stylish and warm. And what is winter without a cuddly scarf? It is not only warm, but a fashionable accessory that you must have in the closet. Whether plaid or plain, big or small, with the scarf you can have a new look every day. The trend of this season is the loop. But if you have a classic scarf, you do not need to buy a loop extra. We’ll show you how to creatively tie a loop scarf. Follow the steps and you will be watching!

Tie Loop Scarf: Step 1

Take your favorite scarf and wrap it around your neck once. Make sure one side is shorter than the other. If the

step 3

Cross the scarf in front of your body. An 8 must be formed in front of the body by placing the lower right part of the scarf over the left. Then hide in the neck! The knot must be behind your neck so you can not see it.

The result

It was easy, right? And it looks just like a real loop! If you want to buy a loop scarf, just miss the knotting step. The length of the loops, you can correct as desired. Pull on the ends of the loops until they are as big or as small as you like. Another idea is to make a shorter inner loop that peeps out from under a longer, outer loop.

You can also tie a loop scarf as a bandana accessory

Tie the Twister Loop scarf

The Twister is a unique kind of loop scarf you can not see on the street every day. Tie scarves. With this scarf you look sporty chic and rocking and you will give your outfit that extra something. The French trend is a twister with a white cloth. This fits very well with jeans. If you use two bowls in different colors, you create an ombré look. Tie a loop scarf as shown below and then wrap a scarf in a different color around the loop. Chic and easy!

Step 1

step 2

Loop scarf uniquely tie with a braid

Enjoy our excellent examples of a loop scarf and follow the fashion despite the winter! Loop scarf you can also use in summer as a fashionable accessory, such as a

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