When the hot days come, you’ll probably prefer many summer looks and hairstyles. The accessories are the focal point of the cool look. If you are inspired by photos of Eva Mendes, Beyonce or Rihanna on the beach, you need a headscarf! Imagine: a beautiful bandana, XXL sunglasses and a flashy lipstick. Cool! The only question left is how to tie the headscarf yourself. No worries! With our tips and instructions you will underline your individuality.

Tie a pirate cloth was yesterday! Trend 2016 is boho style!

To tie a headscarf, you can convince yourself of many styles – ethnic style, modern style or rockabilly style. There are also different variants to wear a headscarf tied. The Stars love turban this summer, but you can wear the simple pirate scarf, over knot or just loosely wrapped. The trend for 2016 is boho style. Choose your headscarf with ethnic pattern and combine it with long-waved dresses and hippie accessories, such as handmade bracelets. Become a fashion professional with this cool look!

Tie the headscarf: the turban is back!

This summer, there is no other fashion statement than a turban! With such a headscarf you look always chic. And that’s not all. Besides beautiful, the turban is also practical. It keeps the heat away and is just as functional in winter. If you prefer the turban with open hair, make waves – this looks really cool. If not, your face will be opened and your facial features will be underlined. Even with a short bob, the turban looks great.

And now the manual …

For the turban you need a square cloth. To tie the headscarf, fold first diagonally so that you get a triangle. Flip the two sides twice. Now put the cloth on your head, with the tips forward. Your entire head must be covered, so bring the two ends of the cloth forward and place them over the tips. Tie a knot as shown in the picture. You bring the rest of the cloth to the back of your head and you have to knot again. If the cloth is longer, move forward at the front. Her turban is ready!

The best look for the beach: pirate cloth

With this simple square cloth you will create a completely new look. For the summer days, choose bright colors, floral patterns or summer motifs. If you already have the right cloth, we start with the binding. First, fold your cloth into a triangle and place the long side over your head so that your forehead is covered. Pull the two ends of the cloth sideways to the back and tie it behind the head to a double knot. Finished! An idea: The pirate scarf will look charming with a bow or bun. Combine the headscarf with stylish accessories, such as a

Some people do not like headscarves but boho style. With such a bandana you will also get the latest hippie look. You can wear in open hair or in a romantic combination with a braid. The binding is actually easier. Put the cloth in the original shape on the back. Then bring the two ends of the cloth forward and cross over. You get a beautiful knot if you cross twice. Bring the ends back and knot on the back of the hair with a double knot. Finished!

Negligence: Tie a scarf as a scarf

Try different variants. Only then you know exactly which headscarf is suitable for you. Be inspired by our excellent examples. With the instructions you can try the many wrinkled variants yourself. Have fun!

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