When most of us think of the ceiling for our homes, the first thing that comes to mind is white and flat. Despite all the amazing steps we have taken in the design and decoration of the rest of the house, the “upper limit” seems to be something that our mind skips quite a bit. But a great ceiling design, be it in the living room or in the dining area, in the kitchen or in the bedroom can give a room a unique, distinctive and individual character that also leaves an indelible mark on those who enter the room. Here are some ideas for the wooden ceiling.

The perfect ceiling design varies for every room and every house

The perfect ceiling design varies for each room and each house and depends on the space available; but also the surrounding walls and the entire motif of the house are to be considered, there are countless patterns and colors to choose from. From the tray ceiling, the beamed ceiling and the bay cover to the very popular lowered ceiling, there are all these beautiful ceiling inspirations for a room that will give you an exclusive and extraordinary feel.

Since a wooden ceiling tends to create an inviting look, one feels comfortable through its coziness

While a wooden ceiling can give your room a cozy look, it can also close the room and make it dark. To avoid a cave-like feeling, look for different ways to lighten the room. Choosing a soft, pale wall paint would be one of them. As a wooden ceiling creates a welcoming look, play with it

If the room has a fireplace, a wooden ceiling fits perfectly

Cosiness with a warm color combination that will give the room an intimate atmosphere. A wooden ceiling immediately gives your room a warm, natural look, so complement that style with other natural design elements. If the room has a fireplace, use rustic stones like River Rock to surround it. Instead of the smooth tiles, opt for the sturdy slate floor in a light blue or gray shade to balance the wood ceiling. If you are looking for accessories for the room, plants are the best choice. Especially potted palms or citrus trees go well with the corners of the room.

The ideal accessories for a room with a wooden ceiling are the plants

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