Dear men, Christmas are behind our backs, but the next party is knocking on the door. Feel the romance in the air? Be inspired because you have little time to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend. Valentine’s Day is not considered a normal day of the year. It indicates the time of the year when you have the opportunity to show your love and appreciation to your loving half. It is quite normal for you to sink into your thoughts for the perfect The Valentine’s Gifts for girlfriend – your shared memories, say it most clearly: I love you!

Do you have wonderful memories together with your loved ones? Well, maybe you could accept the valentines day gift idea for this balloon pinata. Fill a red balloon in the form of the heart with the best memories. And when the right moment comes, push the balloon through! Imagine: The balloon has been cut through, many small pieces of paper, paper hearts and glitter fly in the air and the eyes of your half and sparkle in the bet. We give you the guarantee that you will recognize the real emotion with just one look in the eyes of your loved one. We will now show you how to make this stunning Valentine’s Day gift yourself.

How should I surprise my girlfriend? – The Valentine’s Day surprise of the year

Detailed instructions

Necessary materials:

  • Paper sheets in red, white, black
  • scissors
  • printed tags (You can download wonderful free templates on the internet, which you can also easily download and express.)
  • Designer paper with glitter
  • Punching device in the form of heart

Step 1:

Use the punch to punch the paper sheets and make hearts. They serve for confetti rain. To taste, you can also take rough glitter in silver, red, gold.

Step 2:

Find a free template on the internet for the small reminder notes and print them out. Take a pencil and write the best shared memories that are still smiling today. Slice everything!

Step 3:

When you’re done with the creative part, you can cut out the pieces. Watch out for the fingers!

Step 4:

Put the notes, heart confetti and glitter in the balloon. Fill the balloon with helium so that it flies on its own. Tie the balloon with a ribbon. Tie the tag: memories. To taste, you can also knot some colorful tassels.

The question: “What do I give my half for Valentine’s Day?” Has already been answered. Basically it is difficult to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Due to the large variety of options on the Internet and shops, it is normal to be completely confused. But why should you give roses every year? Do not be afraid that you will not have any hands to craft, because our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are alike for everyone. Our kind of Valentine’s Day surprise is not just for women who are diehard romantics, but also for women who have no heart for romance.

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The best comes after piercing the balloon!

Fill the red balloon in the form of the heart with the best memories!

Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your girlfriend!

The shared loving memories say clearly: You are the woman of my heart!

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