The tattoo fashion already has a new name and will come in 2018 – Watercolor Tattoo. This art is still called watercolor” tattoo> and has been trendy for some time. Watercolor tattoos refer to a tattoo style in which a gradient on the skin is achieved. So you get the most realistic looking effect of the tattoo and you will not only get a tattoo, but a work of art! However, you should consider some points before you make the decision for a watercolor tattoo – the colors should be adjusted to the skin, the body area is also of particular importance. What are the best matching body parts for a watercolor tattoo, and which tattoo motifs most beautiful come in color on the skin, you will learn in this post! Immerse yourself in the colorful world of tattoo colors and be inspired!

Watercolor Tattoo – it will be colorful on the skin!

How colorful are de watercolor tattoos? On the sample photo you can see how the new trend tattoos appear on the skin. The contours are restrained, the transition of colors is gentle and it looks like it was painted with the brush. Where does the name come from – Watercolor Tattoo? The reason is that the colors flow directly into each other like watercolors

The watercolor tattoos are engraved just like normal tattoos – with needle. The difference 1 – The motif is painted on the paper with watercolors. So you can choose the motif yourself and if you can paint with watercolors, also paint or paint yourself. The difference 2 – The tattoo artist should have an artistic ability and know color combinations very well.

When it comes to the tattoo motifs, the cute animals and flowers are especially popular. However, abstract tattoos will be an absolute trend in 2018 and as a watercolor tattoo the tattoo will be a real eye-catcher! Which motives are still suitable for this tattoo art, you will find out in our gallery! Now you can see which part of the body is suitable?

With the new tattoo trend watercolor tattoo where to go? Which part of the body is suitable for this?

As with all colorful things, the sun is an enemy of colors. Based on this, the appropriate body parts for a watercolor tattoo are those that are rarely exposed to the sun. Thus, the watercolor colors keep their luminosity longer. Our tip, where you can get your first watercolor tattoo – the stomach, the back, fingers, wrist, thigh, etc.

Are the watercolor tattoos durable?

That’s the most important question to ask when choosing a tattoo forever. Of course, the answer depends on how good the tattoo artist you choose. He should have high-quality colors that are most durable.

Which are the most popular tattoo motives for watercolor tattoos, you will find out in our gallery!

The tattoo motive most preferred for a watercolor tattoo is the hummingbird in green, blue and purple nuances

A watch on the wrist is also very realistic

Romance on the back – Make a flower with watercolor tattoo

A watercolor tattoo on the whole back

Illuminat and watercolor tattoo – an absolute trend 2018

A realistic-looking tree with each branch in different colors

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