Often the staircase is very close to the entrance, and in this case it can be the first thing that attracts the attention of guests when they enter your apartment. For the interesting and impressive look of the staircase, the carpet has an important meaning, as it can give the entrance hall a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. Read our tips and creative ideas that can help transform the stair carpet into an original accent in the Interiors!

Select the suitable stair carpet

The stair carpet has a representative character, so you should choose it carefully. If your staircase is a little narrower or smaller, opt for a striped rug. The vertical stripes create the visual effect for longer stairs, while the horizontal ones make the stairwell look much wider. A striped carpet would not only make your staircase larger and more stylish, but also give the room a pleasant atmosphere, which is important to the entrance area.

Create contrasts

For a classic and stylish atmosphere, opt for a stair carpet whose color contrasts with that of the staircase. For example, if the stairwell is painted in white, choose a sumptuous black carpet. This variant is not only elegant and particularly modern, but also really practical – with dark carpets, the pollution is more difficult to recognize, so they should not necessarily be cleaned every week.

Earthy tones and soft pastel colors are very much in fashion

If you are looking for a suitable stair carpet, you can choose a variant in neutral colors. The soft pastel nuances create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere that helps your guests feel welcome. The warm earthly tones work in a similar way and are now fully in vogue. If the furnishing style of the room is simpler, you can opt for a colorful rug to add an interesting accent to the interior.

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