Circular, mostly colorful, the mandalas are magic power symbols with magical significance. For this reason, they have become a popular symbol for tattoos of men and women in recent years. The Mandala Tattoo not only conjures up breathtaking charisma and colors, but with a spiritual meaning. What is this, you will find out here!

Mandala Tattoo – the meaning

Mandala is not just a tattoo symbol or picture for coloring. Mandala is an energy art that you can learn. Mandala communicate with your subconscious. That’s why every mandala has a special meaning for the wearer. The shapes stimulate different areas of your soul and are all the more energetic when you tattoo your personal mandala or draw yourself this. The mandala tattoos are usually drawn as a circle symbolizing the world order and the universal whole. If the mandala is tattooed as a circle, then this

Mandala is a connection of the soul with the body

Where is the Mandala Tattoo tattooed?

Mandala tattoo on the shoulder is most popular among women

The men also tattoo mandala in the shape of a flower to show their connection with nature

Mandala tattoos are among the most sexy tattoos and are often tattooed on women’s legs.

Our tip: draw your mandala yourself or get your personal and unique mandala tattooed!

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