Beard-wearing is an absolute trend in the men’s universe. Around 68% of men wear a beard according to our research on the Internet. Due to the great preference for the beards, we can safely determine that an end of beard wearing is not in sight. On the contrary, at the beginning of next year the tendency will increase because the beard gives the men a male and sexy appearance. If you want to make all female hearts snake higher, you should take good care of your beard. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the full beard, “around the mouth” beard or 3-day beard, the beautiful look of your beard hides in the secret for proper beard care. Today we reveal the secret behind the right care formula.

The solution to the problems of men with beard is in the daily beard care

“Where the shave stops, the beard care begins.”

On the way to the well-groomed beard look you can come across some small problems. We’ll explain how you should take care of your beard properly so that you achieve an extraordinary look. Straight to you this article is about beard care, which comes in a simple description of the activities in the daily routine. To not feel frustrated after shaving, read our helpful tips and tricks, because the proper beard care formula lies in detail.

Step 1: Every day is a laundry day!

Regardless of the beard types, the beard is washed every day. During the day, the whiskers become dirty. This can not only lead to a disgusting appearance, but also to skin irritation and itching. Therefore, clean your beard with a shower.

The necessary care set, from which you get the feeling for a soft and supple beard hair, includes:

  • Beard soap
  • Brisk beard shampoo
  • Beard Sprühlung
  • Brisk beard oil

The washing process:

  1. make wet;
  2. lather;
  3. Rinse;
  4. dry with a cloth, do not blow-dry ;

Step 2: Trim

With the continuous neck you secure the beautiful appearance of your beard. For men who want to follow the full beard style, it is very important to trim the beard and keep the contours so that the beard stays in top shape. You can shave yourself or leave it in the hands of professionals.

Step 3: Comb

To have a well-groomed beard, you should take care of it. In your daily routine you should add the combing. By combing the holes in your beard are prevented, and so give the beard a neat look that makes all female hearts beat faster.

The necessary equipment of beard care products includes:

Step 4: Hydration

Good care means much more than a few activities, it means a sense of life. It is important for proper beard care that you properly hydrate your beard and face with Tonics. The skin under the beard also requires care. So that your whiskers do not look prickly, you can use Brisk beard oil.

Step 5: Wear your beard in style

Your beard has the same meaning for you as the hair for the women – a treasure you should take good care of. The styling products are your helper for the perfect look. The beard wax gives your beard not only the perfect shape, but the full support. Apply beard wax on the beard to give your beard look the finishing touch.

Revealing the secret to proper beard care

The truth of the care formula is understanding what your beard needs. Regardless of the beard style you have chosen, your beard needs love, care and attention. If you wash, trim, comb, hydrate and stylize your beard properly, it will be a great eyecatcher. The responsibility for your beard look is only in your hands. We showed you the key to the well-groomed beard. All that remains is to follow the routine and you will look forward to a magnificent beard.

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