Bold, colorful and casual – these three words best describe the Rockabilly style. Rockabilly is influenced by the rock ‘n’ roll music of the 50s. It goes very well to people who count as rebels. If you want to wear a rockabilly hairstyle on your head, you should have the rock ‘n’ roll in your blood. This look thrilled many men and women to follow the rockabilly fashion. The Rockabilly hairstyle is also announced today. Because of their generous appearance, these bold hairstyles are suitable for occasions such as proms, weddings” theme or on the catwalk. choose this rock style to catch everyone eye in today article we give you some helpful tips and ideas make look like a icon.>

Rockabilly hairstyle through the eyes of today’s woman

The Rockabilly hairstyles are a vintage hair style look that is not considered old-fashioned at all. But nowadays, stars like Gwen Stefani, Katy Parry and Rihanna bet on this bold look. Still, this style wins new fans among women every day. A glamorous rockabilly hairstyle gives your look a feminine and sexy look. Today’s modern woman, who lives in the city and works every day, is self-confident. She is not intimidated to show her personality. The Rockabilly hairstyles represent an attitude to life that embodies a combination of elegance, self-confidence and daring. Be a confident woman – that’s your lifestyle!

Curls, waves, rolling up – the Rockabilly hairstyle brings color to life

The Rockabillity look is famous with the women’s hairstyles, such as Victoria Rolls, Ups, Waves, Curls. Today, the 50s hairstyle always celebrates a revival. This is due to the fact that these hairstyles bring back many memories of beauties of the 50s. Ponies, curls, waves are the hallmarks of rockabilly hairstyles. Another special feature of this retro look is the hair color: platinum blonde, black, red and blue – these are the most popular and trendy colors. Whether your hair is long or short, you can create a rockabilly hairdo. The best thing about this look is that it’s easy to copy and not time consuming. We will tell you with some tips, trick and photos as you cook yourself in Rockabilly style, zuschminken and Case” .>

Instructions for updos easy and fast to conjure

In general, you recognize the rockabilly hairstyle simply. Bandana hairstyles, hairstyles with hairband, updos, waves – that’s what rockabilly fashion looks like. The updos are best for longer hair. Here are the steps for this extravagant hairstyle for the ladies:

  1. Foam is rubbed in and rubbed in the hair.
  2. The hair is separated into three parts. The part at the top of the head is sprayed with hairspray so that the hair looks voluminous.
  3. The hair lengths are creamed with hair wax.
  4. Now the other two parts of the hair are turned around the axis and twirled upwards. The hairstyle is styled with needles.
  5. Finally, the top of the head hair is styled loosely back.
  6. All tips are placed in the banana and firmly fixed with clamps
  7. Finally, the updo is sprayed with hair spray.

Tips and tricks for a rocking look with shorter hair

If you have short hair, then wear bandana hairstyles. The Bandana is no longer just an accessory of the farmer’s wife, but a must for an extraordinary look. Almost every fifth woman today wears a bandana hair look on the streets. The classic bandana binding is due to the fact that you knot the headscarf on the side of the head so that the knot is visible. Our recommendation is to fix the headscarf with raps firmly on the head. Below you can take a look at a photo guide.

The hairband hairstyle is considered a real eye-catcher of the 50s

The hairband hairstyles are timeless. They are always trendy among women due to their combination with different outfits. These hairstyles are aimed at women with long, medium and short hair alike. The hair band is a portable and practical accessory. The colorful hair bands give your look funny accents. On the other hand, you can use a barely visible hair band if you want to look official and elegant. In contrast, the Scoopy loops fit best to a beach look. So the hair band is a real all-rounder.

Photo tutorials for hairstyles in the typical Rockabilly style

Lots of cool rocking looks to imitate

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