Soon it’s time again. Valentine’s Day is upon us. If you are already worried about how to surprise your sweetheart, here is the answer! That’s the most romantic gift in the world – give flowers for Valentine’s Day! No, this is by no means the cliché or hackneyed roses. We show you the best flower gifts that bring a radiant smile to the face of your sweetheart! Take a look at how best to express your love with flowers. A flower can say more than a thousand words, you just have to know which is the most correct! And what could be better than showing love, and not just once a year ?!

Flowers for Valentine’s Day: why only once?

An open secret is that the woman’s best friend is actually the flower. Surrounded by the beauty and the fresh aroma of the plants, your better half will bloom. Do not you want to give this joy to your beloved wife? If she is cheerful, she will certainly also provide for the positive mood of the environment. Those who evoke such reactions often wish to experience their anesthetic effect. For this reason, our team advises: get a flower subscription to carry the joy of the Day of Love throughout the year. Whether you are coming home or in a fancy restaurant with a bouquet in hand, your wife will feel as if she is the star of the evening and will then adore you. Take every opportunity to please them and so the beautiful feelings will come back to you. So our tip as Zen experts would be to give away flowers for Valentine’s Day and express their best intentions by their meaning.

Say it with flowers: that means his bouquet

You are one of the happiest women who receive beautiful floral gifts every Valentine’s Day? Or you are a man who wants to express his feelings through the flowers? Or much better – you have convinced yourself of the flower subscription and would like to surprise your sweetheart with flowers the whole month before Valentine’s Day? Then you are right here! The choice of the bouquet says a lot about the lovers and every flower has a special meaning. Did we arouse your curiosity? Read on to find out the meaning of the flowers!

Beauty and first feelings with pink roses

As mentioned before, the red roses are an absolute cliché for Valentine’s Day. But this flower always means love, so you should not ignore it totally. We recommend noble pink roses that speak for tender feelings. A perfect flower gift for young couples that means “You’ll know if you love me!”. Pink roses are ideal for combining with carnations and alstroemeria.

Cala: “You are elegant and beautiful”

Get Cala for Valentine’s Day, be sure – you are the greatest love! In earlier times, Calla symbolized immortality. But for the Day of Love this flower gift means: “You are my direct hit and I am fascinated by you!”

Gerbera is a compliment!

You are from those people who want to hear compliments? Then your sweetheart has made the best decision to give you Gerbera! This flower is a compliment, she says: “You make everything more beautiful!” When Gerbera is given away in a bouquet of bright colors, this gift means “You are something special!”

Ordering a flower gift for Valentine’s Day online is the ideal decision for long-distance relationships

The men can also be surprised with beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Our last tip? Just let the love and the flowers speak!

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