The front door is not only the face of the house, it also forms the border between privacy and public. She should fulfill an important function for the safety and thermal insulation of the house. At front doors there are different materials, designs and styles. The front door plays a key role in house building, because it is the component that remains in the house the longest. On the one hand, it has to be practical and resistant, but on the other hand, it has to fulfill aesthetic and well-being requirements, so no compromises should be made when choosing a front door.

Material and appearance to match the house, give harmony

The front door defines the first impression of a visitor, so it should fit the overall picture of the house and also correspond to the basic protection requirements for weather, heat and burglary protection. Today’s materials offer a great deal of design freedom and give the entrance a very specific look, which also supports the style of the house. Agonizing door choice: wood, steel, aluminum or plastic in many different colors and finishes, fully glazed or with a small window, with or without latch, equipped with a normal lock or with smart technology for more comfort. When choosing the front door you can quickly lose in the many possibilities.

Choose suitable material

Wooden doors are classic and have very good features. Wood is a natural material with good thermal insulation and guarantees that no heat is lost from the inside of the house to the outside. A steel core is integrated for safety and ensures that the natural product is not distorted by external conditions. In order to withstand the weather and light, the wooden door should be given proper care and glazed regularly.

Steel doors are very resistant and meet high safety standards. Steel doors are cheaper than wood and aluminum doors but from an ecological point of view, the manufacturing process is very complex and resource intensive.

Front doors made of aluminum are very light, easy to clean and offer very different design and color options for individual wishes. They also ensure good insulation and can meet high safety requirements. Therefore ideal as a front door.

Plastic entrance doors are a cheap alternative. The material is stretchy and the door can warp quickly. Therefore, the plastic doors are reinforced with a steel core against distortion and burglary protection.

Front door with glazing – a real eye-catcher

Glass cut-outs on front doors bring light in the entrance area. The additional side parts made of glass make the entrance area generous, bright and friendly. Colors, handles and fittings give the front door that certain something. Design elements or LED lighting are particularly elegant. For large and high entrance areas, the front door can also be selected at room height.

Safety is the top priority

The safety aspect plays a decisive role right at the front door. For a solid burglary protection, some criteria should be met, for example, burglar-proof glass elements, a lock with multi-point locking. Front doors that lock themselves are a useful addition, as the insurance often does not compensate for burglary that happens when the door is unlocked. For entrance doors, there are 6 different resistance classes (RC1 – RC6) that determine their safety. For entrance doors and front doors, at least Class 2 (RC2) or 3 (RC3) break resistance is recommended. The front doors of Hörmann are something special and an uncompromising decision in terms of execution, quality and safety. It is pleasant when the front door meets the individual requirements and the security conditions, so that you feel safe in your own four walls.

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