Summer is coming soon and you might want to know which are the latest trends in eye make-up. In this article, we give you the answers to any questions that interest you! Below you will find effective make-up tips for the summer, as well as 40 photos that you can use as a source of inspiration. Let yourself be inspired!

Eye Makeup: What are the latest trends for Summer 2017?

The eyes are the most beautiful and expressive part of the face, so it is definitely worth emphasizing with eyeshadow, mascara, kohl pencil or eyeliner. Summer eye make-up should look both cheerful and elegant, and in this post you’ll find a few useful tips that can help you achieve that goal. Most important, of course, are the nuances – opt for eyeshadows in warm and bright tones that visually increase the size of the eyes. Darker shades – black, dark blue or violet – are only allowed for evening make-up. Use only waterproof and heat-resistant products – those you can buy from the good cosmetics manufacturers. The summer 2017 trends also include the nude look, pastel powder eyeshadows, the bold, colorful combinations, and the beautifully shaped eyebrows. Below you will not only find out more about the latest trends, but also some great make-up tips that you can try for yourself. Enjoy reading!

The beauty of the eyes with eyeliner and mascara accentuate

For the perfect eye make-up, start with a concealer – it covers all skin irregularities and should be slightly lighter than your natural skin color. Add an eyeline to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive. You can emphasize your eyelashes with mascara – for the summer of 2017, the colored mascara or eyeliner are actually an absolute hit! When choosing the specific color you should, however, also consider the nuances of the eye shadow. The kohl pencil – black or colored, opens the eyes even more.

Apply the eyeshadows

Apply the eyeshadow with a soft brush, trying to create a smooth transition between colors. Do not use more than three different shades so it does not get too colorful. If you are not sure whether the desired color combination has succeeded, try it beforehand – without having to wait in daylight. The eyebrows serve as the frame of the eyes, so they should look nice and well shaped – you can use a pencil or eyebrow powder in the appropriate color. Finally, you can still bend the eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Your dreamy eye make-up is already done!

Helpful make-up tips for the evening make-up

As mentioned above, you can also use darker shades for evening make-up. The eye shadows in dark blue, brown or violet actually give the eyes a nice depth. You can also set interesting accents with a few glints on the inner or outer corner of your eye. Especially modern for the summer are the golden and silver tones, combined with black eyeliner and kohl pencil, as well as the application of the eye shadow on the lower eyelid.

The nude look is very trendy

For the modern nude look, use only subtle, unobtrusive nuances, so that the result looks as natural as possible. Very important in this case is the primer – it is best to use a special day cream with sun protection factor and brighten the skin under the eyes with concealer to emphasize it. On the cheekbones and the nose you can also apply a little powder evenly with a brush. When it comes to eye make-up, use only dull eyeshadow with your skin color – a thin line drawn on the upper lid is quite sufficient.
Finally, it can be said that make-up also leaves you a lot of room to experiment. Especially in summer make-up different variations and combinations are possible – let your imagination run wild, and you can get really unique results! But do not forget that the make-up of the eye, skin and hair color, and of course the outfit should match. We wish you much success!

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