You are invited to a baby shower and want to prepare an individual and unforgettable surprise? We have the perfect solution for a present – make a diaper cake yourself! She will definitely be the eye-catcher at the party. This cake is also practical. The diapers are never superfluous and the mother needs a majority over a longer period. Not only with diapers, you can make your cake. Care products and cuddly toys are also a beautiful gift and look stunning as a decoration on the diaper cake. Let your imagination run wild as you decorate the diaper cake – ribbons, wrapping paper, sweets … everything is allowed! With our guide diaper cake you can make the perfect gift yourself and with our unique examples you will get ideas for decoration. Let yourself be inspired!

Instructions diaper cake:

The required materials:

And a champagne for a better mood 🙂

Before we start with the manual Windeltorte, look at the pictures, what you need. Of course, diapers! First, think about how much diapers you need. For a diaper cake of 35 centimeters and three floors you need 40 to 56 diapers. The first floor is made up of 24, the second of 16, the third of eight diapers. Take a plate for pad and for each diaper a rubber band for attachment. Our suggestion for the middle is a bottle of champagne. You can open these later at the party and celebrate properly! At your option, you can also put baby care products as a gift in the middle of the plate.

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Roll the individual diapers together and wrap around with rubber band. The roles of diapers must always proceed in the same way. The diapers should always be rolled up with the same side first. You can already design the first floor as in the pictures. The champagne is not only a surprise, but a fortification for the second floor. Around him you have to place a few more coils.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

To your taste, you can wrap the cake with a transparent gift wrap or in colored wrapping paper. Then fasten with a large rubber band or sewing thread. This is how your diaper cake looks just as a gift. Then start with the second floor of the cake. If you want, you can also do a third floor. The other floors are analogous to the diapers. Then you can decorate with a beautiful bow or tape. But you can also leave your diaper cake without wrapping. Only with a bow does she look fascinating. In our picture gallery you can see the suggestions for decoration.

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