Anyone who likes industrial furniture and who likes minimalist design simply builds with concrete! The natural building materials, such as concrete, are totally in vogue this year. Because of the high prices, they still remain a luxury dream. But this dream can become a reality with concrete look! This is also the new trend for bathrooms. Whether as a plain and bare floor or gray industrial walls, the natural radiance of the material becomes a part of the purist

A concrete staircase, concrete building – we have often seen that. But concrete in the bathroom as floor and walls? The speech here is of concrete look – the cheap version, but also the nicer. But how is the concrete look for bathrooms suitable? The durability and longevity allow you to enjoy the bathroom tiles for years to come. Look for the minimalist design for your bathroom on the one hand, and individual on the other hand, then the tiles with concrete look are just for you. And do not even think that the tiles in concrete look always shine in the classic street concrete color “gray”. A variety of sizes, formats and colors can be found here, for example.

How to make seamless

mehr auf schimmelige Fugen? No more fancy moldy joints? These tiles are even more preferred, as they form a unity thanks to the narrow joints, which make the bathroom an overall picture. The seamless bathroom with its reduced appearance looks larger and the clear forms look simple and modern. Many dream that wall tiles in the bathroom are seamless. With concrete optics, this dream can become real. Scroll down to get more information about wall design in concrete look.

Wall design in concrete look

If we talk about jointless uniformity in the bathroom, then there is talk of wall design in concrete look. In the picture you can see a bath, where as well as the floor tiles, as well as the wall tiles are in concrete look. Thanks to the variety of colors and large format, these tiles are perfect for the wall where the shower is. In this way you feel even more the cleanliness and simple design of this room. Not only as flooring and wall design, the material is used. The concrete furniture can be a real eye-catcher in the modern interior and add a touch of luxury to the apartment. Further information for these designer pieces can be found here .

With tiles in concrete look you create a large open bathroom with cool loft aesthetics

Concrete look looks even more modern with red accents

The combination of concrete and wood is really breathtaking

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