The natural stones are usually connected to the exterior design of the house, garden or balcony. But what do you say if you can bring the natural flair of the stones into your home? That is already possible! With the new trend wall panels with stone look your apartment will be a real eye-catcher. The heavy stones and their difficult occupation and care were yesterday! Today, the panels let the walls look like brickwork! Whether you want to put these panels on all four walls, just want to put them on one or half of the wall, it does not matter. The stones bring a modern touch and fit just as well with the country house style. We have collected breathtaking examples for you, from which you will immediately get inspiration and creative ideas.

The wall panels with stone look make the living room look rustic

The latest trend in interior design is brick wall with stone look for the living room. It is not necessary that you stick and care for real natural stones in the living space. Simply put wall panels to emphasize the modern look. It is recommended to place these panels on one wall only so that you can use accent. If you have fireplaces in the living room, cover this wall with stone panels and you will feel even more comfortable in your living room. The wall panels with gray stones go perfectly with the cool minimalist design.

Treat yourself to a piece of nature in your kitchen

Everyone knows the typical kitchen made of solid wood in country style. This is even more unique if you use a wall panel with a stone look. The best location is on the wall where the stove is located. If you decide on a whole wall, you can also combine two living styles – the modern and rustic. If your dining room is in a room with the kitchen, the stone wall acts as a natural separation.

With the Steinoptik wall panels you can separate the bathroom from the toilet

The wall panels with stone look can be used as a separation in the bathroom. Dress the walls of the bathroom with stones and the toilet area leave only with latex paint. Or why not with ceramic tiles? In this way you create an elegant ambience and neat look of this room. We recommend to choose the colors of the stones gray or white, if you want to combine them with tiles. The wall panels with stones in beige or brown create a rustic look.

Bring a modern touch in the bedroom with a stone-look wall

The biggest problem with designing the bedroom is always the wall behind the bed. Do we want to hang a picture or dress the wall with wallpaper? We have already found the decision – wall panels with stone look. They are very well suited to a country-style bedroom, with a wooden ceiling or laminate. As you can see in the picture, this room is minimalist with a wall covered with gray stones and the other walls colored with contrasts of colors. Elegant and stylish!

The most important part of the apartment – the hallway with stones disguise

If you think about the equipment of the apartment, do not forget the hallway. This part of the house immediately catches the eye and shows the whole flair of the apartment. The most important thing about the hallway is the wall design. If you choose stone-look panels for the hallway, do you feel like being in an aristocratic apartment, or why not like a castle? The stones speak about luxury. Give yourself a luxurious ambience in your own home.

Emphasize the charm of wall panels with stone look with the right lighting

Use the wall panels to create an optical room separation

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