In addition to the delicious beer, dirndl hairstyles, along with the beautiful Bavarian costumes, also belong to the Oktoberfest traditions. That’s why in this article we offer you 25 wonderful hairstyling ideas that are super easy to imitate, and are perfect not only for Oktoberfest, but also for other official and festive occasions. Take a look at the photos and get inspired!

Dirndl hairstyles look playful and romantic

Octoberfest Frisuren 2016
Wiesn Frisuren 2016
einfache Steckfrisuren Octoberfest
Flechtfrisuren lange Haare Anleitung Octoberfest
einfache Frisuren mittellanges Haar Octoberfest
einfache Flechtfrisuren für mittellange Haare Octoberfest
lässige Frisuren Octoberfest
Flechtfrisuren für lange Haare Octoberfest
einfache Frisuren mittellanges Haar Octoberfest
einfache Flechtfrisuren für mittellange Haare
When it comes to dirndl hairstyles, pinned and plaited hair is a real classic. The hairstyling should be romantic, playful and elegant at the same time, and in line with the costume, shoes, accessories and make-up. Achieving this goal is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The ideas for dirndl hairstyles that you will find in this post are suitable for long, short and medium length hair, and can be easily re-styled. The photos could also give you inspiration on what hair accessories you should choose to make your look look beautiful and finished in the end. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Dirndl hairstyles for the Oktoberfest – ideas and inspirations

Frisuren Octoberfest einfach
Flechtfrisuren schulterlang Octoberfest
Flechtfrisuren schulterlanges Haar Octoberfest
Frisuren zum Octoberfest
lange Haare flechten Dirndl Frisuren
Frisuren für lange Haare zum selber machen Octoberfest
ausgefallene Dirndl Frisuren
Dirndl Frisuren offene Haare
Octoberfest Haare holländische Zöpfe
Frisuren lange Haare selber machen Octoberfest
Flechtfrisuren Dirndl Wasserfall Zopf
Frisuren Zopf seitlich Octoberfest
Dirndl Frisuren kurze Haare
Dirndl 2016 Octoberfest Frisuren
Braids are undoubtedly the most popular for Oktoberfest. A traditional Dirndl hairstyle is the Zopfkrone, also called hair or peasant wreath. It is suitable for long hair and is made super light – you just need to braid a plait, and wrap it around the forehead. The classic herringbone braid and French braid are also a good idea. The waterfall braid, as well as the asymmetrical side braids, which are perfect for short hair, are especially modern and romantic. However, your hairstyling will certainly look unique if you combine different types of hairstyle – for example, to braid a ponytail, to form a bun from pigtails, or to use different braiding techniques. In the end you could spray your hair with glitter spray, so that the hairstyle is fixed and shows off well. Do not forget the hair accessories – they are a must for Oktoberfest! A good choice are fresh meadow flowers or roses, braided in the hair, or even an extravagant hat.

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