The children start with amazing energy and curiosity. They radiate joy and are the happiness of the parents. That’s why everyone wants the best for their child. The design of the nursery is also part of this, because it affects the subconscious of the children. Children’s wallpaper completes our daily lives – no doubt. With funny children’s wallpaper you design the children’s realm to the place where little adventurers and charming princesses develop incredibly and also like to come to rest.

What to look for when buying children’s wallpaper?

The selection of children’s wallpaper is huge. So the family has many options to give the nursery a new look – for all ages and tastes. But not every wallpaper is right for it, even if it’s well-chosen for you or your child. After all, the child not only stays in the room during the day, but also sleeps at night. So pay attention to a seal of approval, because contaminated wallpaper has no place in the nursery. This confirms the health and ecological safety. There are several quality labels for the harmlessness of a wallpaper but not all of them take into account the pollutants. The environmental seal with the “blue angel” is a sign that the Tepete was made mainly from recycled paper and low in pollutants. Especially important for allergic children. A pink seal says the wallpapers are 100% paper. Yellow seal would be for 100% fleece. There are other signs that have little to do with health, such as flammable or eco-friendly seals, and others.

Some tips for choosing children’s wallpaper

Quality issue is resolved and it comes to the actual wallpaper choice. If you do not want to re-wallpaper in a few years, choose something timeless with your child. The perfect tip is to make only one wall with pattern wallpaper, while the other walls are kept in a well-matched wallpaper or wall paint. Preferably choose an easy-to-reach wall. So with relatively little effort, you can turn the nursery into a great kids’ zone. Here you will discover a huge selection of children’s wallpaper for boys and girls. The wallpaper and the wall design in the nursery should necessarily match the taste and character of the child, so that it feels comfortable in their own empire.

A true girl’s dream

If you can not completely renovate the Konderzimmer, wall tattoos are a quick, easy and inexpensive solution. With little effort you can achieve a remarkable result. The photo wallpapers for the children’s room with a variety of motifs from favorite films and fairy tales make all children’s hearts beat faster. Mostly they consist of several parts and can be effortlessly wallpapered to the wall. Finally, everyone has the free choice and the possibilities are unlimited. Now it is important that it is done with love.

Who does not love dinosaurs?

Wallpaper for boys – cars are never enough!

Boundless selection

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