Christmas is coming in two months, so it is not early to start preparing for it. The four advents play a very special role – not only do they bring a Christmas spirit to their homes, they also remind us of all the values ​​that symbolize the festival – charity, peace, hope, goodness. In this post we have collected some of the most beautiful Advent quotes, aphorisms, poems and quotes. These can teach you to your children or greet your favorite people. The pictures you find below can also be shared with friends via Facebook or Whatsapp. We wish you a Merry Christmas with many happy moments!

Cheerful advocacy and quotes

Time for love and feeling,
Today it’s just the outside cool!
Candlelight and cookie fragrance,
Advent is in the air!

Being filled with joy should be your hearts
Bright candles shine everywhere.
It is born the Christ child
that brings you all bliss.

The Christmas candles shine again and conjure joy in all hearts.

A first candle is burning,
then it’s Advent, then it’s Advent.
Three more candles will shine
in honor of Jesus Christ,
they will shine for so long,
until Christmas Eve

Merry my heart should jump this time,
because before Freud ‘all angels sing.

Paul Gerhard

When cookies are on the table
and fir wreaths decorate candles,
when even the sounds go inside,
forgotten are the suffering, the pain,
when little gifts delight us
and Nicholas fills the boots,
when icicles decorate the windows
and white splendor veiled the land,
that’s the time everyone knows
the incomparable Advent.

Advent – the beautiful time –
Bells sound far and wide,
Candlelight in every home –
Peace should be on earth!

Look, how is the sky so red,
these are the little angels who make bread there.
They bake Santa Claus his mares,
for all those little treats.

Advent quotes and quotes for reflection

Advent and Christmas is like a keyhole,
through that on our dark earth path
a note from the home falls.

Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

Advent is a time of shaking in the
Man should become awake to himself.

Alfred Friedrich Delp

Advent that is the silent time, the days dwindle quickly.
The feast of love is not far, start to remember!

The secret of Christmas is to be pointed to the inconspicuous and the small in our search for the great and the extraordinary.

Advent, Advent,
you quiet time,
bring us closer to each other –
and the world holds its breath for a moment
and we value the time more now.

The Advent season connects
That which belongs together
leads apart to each other
and erase what’s destroyed nearby.
It’s the time of opportunity
Time of opportunity
not time of evil words
or the vanities.

In Advent, the time of lights, everyone quickly becomes a poet,
for in this quiet time, a soft word reaches very far.

The best Advent Sayings and greetings for your favorite people

Finally she is back – the most wonderful time of the year! We send you a lot of contemplative Advent greetings and hope that you can have a little peace and quiet with delicious Christmas bakery and mulled wine to come to you!

Greetings and many atmospheric Advent days with a lot of reflections send you …

We wish you a wonderful Advent weekend! Enjoy this wonderful pre-Christmas and let a lot of reflection in your home!

We wish you an atmospheric Advent and a few dreamy hours to enjoy and think! A sweet Advent greeting sends you …

I wish you, dear …, many beautiful days of well-being in the Advent season and hope that you can enjoy a few contemplative hours of peace and quiet.

For Advent Greetings of the special kind I send you, dear …, with all my heart! Enjoy this wonderful atmosphere in the pre-Christmas and look forward to delicious Christmas bakery and aromatic mulled wine!

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