Chronic fatigue, debilitating pain, nausea. At first the strength subsided, then the pain came. From doctor to doctor, but the cause was still not found. If that sounds familiar, his mobile should switch off. There is a large invisible piece of the puzzle that seems to have been overlooked and it’s called Electrosmog. Some people are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

Electrosmog – the giant elephant in the room

Could “electrosmog” be the elephant in the room, disturbing the normal, healthy rhythm and causing disharmony? If we bring you closer to the meaning of electrosmog, you will convince yourself that this effect really does exist. The facts are pretty shocking, so we tried to explain the worrying reality and the terms as easily digestible information.

In the modern world, there are many sources that cause electrosmog

Many people are already convinced: Electrosmog makes you ill. But what electrosmog means is the concept itself. What is “electric” is clear – it has to do with electric field and electromagnetic radiation, the constant companions in the modern world. The term “smog”, however, is used in connection with air pollution. Humans are exposed not only to solar radiation but also to electrosmog. Electromagnetic radiation comes from all the electrical devices you see in the picture – cell phones, Wi-Fi devices, tablets, wireless data transmission affect our health by disrupting hormonal processes and sometimes even so much that cancer can be triggered.

We’ve learned what science says, and have some practical solutions and tips on how to avoid electrosmog.

Protection against electrosmog: That way you can avoid it

The fact that the mobile phone harms the health, is now known to everyone. But is the protection against electrosmog guaranteed by switching off the mobile phone? The answer is “no”. The reason – there are many sources that cause electrosmog: microwaves, Wi-Fi, CB radio, Bluetooth. In everyday life, whether private or professional, people are exposed to the effects of electromagnetic radiation. According to statistics, around 400 million Wi-Fi enabled devices will be active in Germany by 2018. Nevertheless, a radiation-free life is possible.

The clothing also has a protective function. This is not about the daily outfit, but about shielding clothes. The shielding fabrics are made of fibers that can not be electrostatically inflated when worn. For shielding usually cotton or viscose are used and in addition the fabrics are provided by complicated spinning processes with silver threads, which ensure the shielding in clothing. Of great importance is to protect the brain, heart, and other internal organs. For this reason, most jackets and coats are sewn. The website of will gladly advise you on the selection of suitable shielding clothing and shielding materials, as well as providing professional help on how to protect yourself from electrosmog.

There are also some helpful tips to help you reduce electrosmog in your daily life:

• do not make long phone calls

• Turn off your mobile phone and WiFi router while you sleep, or use the best shielding canopy

• Shades in your own home

• Have electrical equipment tested by specialists and measure electromagnetic fields

• Protect your head when you are outside.

You have to take your own responsibility

In today’s high-tech world, you can not avoid electrosmog in general. Your own health and those of future generations are the responsibility of each individual. Effective countermeasures are not a luxury but a simple necessity. This is of great importance to protect yourself and your family because the health of the people we love remains our highest priority. The right vacation is the offline vacation! Our advice: Go offline and your body will be grateful!

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