Summer is around the corner and brings with it long sunny days and nice warm nights. Dream for a place where you can enjoy holes in the air staring at the warm summer night with a cool cocktail. A terrace on the roof can give you that feeling of joy and freedom. This patio invites you to linger. If you have a suitable space then follow our advice and tips for the modern terrace design to create your own sanctuary.

The modern terrace design on the roof

The people who live in the biggest cities are looking for a retreat, where to escape the stress and recover properly. The terrace can be anything you are looking for. It can be your calm green living room, offering a relaxed atmosphere with many warm sun-filling days and lazy nights. A rooftop terrace can offer you so much more – a breathtaking view of the entire city, or the mountain range on the horizon. You can spend hours gazing into the distance without thinking about work or obligations. The rooftop terraces captivate with their own touch of exclusivity, when laid out properly and beautifully designed. Below we give you great terrace design ideas that will turn your patio into a green and modern paradise.

The terrace design: live in style over the city’s rooftops

Modern terrace design

The face of the modern terrace design is the lounge. This trend is emerging recently, but is fast becoming a popular style of terrace design. The time spent on the terrace is filled with a homely look and cosiness. For this you need modern garden sofas, a carpet that fits the exterior design, and of course beautiful accessories – pillows, flower pots, candles, lantern, statues and everything that you notice. Yes, you read that right – the carpet on the terrace is not a myth. Special carpets that are made with high weather resistance for exterior design are available for purchase.

Terrace design ideas in vintage style

The counter trend of the design furniture for terrace design is the vintage style. At the moment this style is very popular. He impresses with the mixture of materials and colors. The furniture from the flea market or the dark cellar are the perfect basis for refurbishment.

Terraces Ideas for design with a romantic touch

There is not so romantic effect, as the flickering light on the terrace. The tealights and miniature lanterns are irreplaceable accessories in terrace design. Nowadays,

The modern terrace design also encompasses the possibilities for a barbecue party. Not someone has a large roof terrace where there is free space for a charcoal grill or BBQ for BBQ.

In recent years, the Ubran Gardening is gaining huge popularity among the citizens of the big cities. It was only a matter of time to happen. All over the world you are staging the big hotels small green paradises on roof terraces. The plants and flowers make the atmosphere lively and pleasant. They serve for proper relaxation after a hard day. A wall with

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