As environmentalists, we do not often praise the benefits of frequent visits to gyms unless they are in nature. That’s why the Leopard Tree really impressed us.

MyEquilibria is an innovative concept that combines functional art and fitness for the whole body. Moving outdoors reconsidered and inspired by nature – all this is made possible with the help of science.

Developed by Vito Di Bari for My Equilibria, this enormous construction spans nine small training islands covering around 250 square meters. This ensures enough space for 30 people to train at the same time. The construction is specially designed for outdoor installation.

Leopard Tree – outdoor gym


While we took a closer look at the Leopard Tree at the Salon des Mobile in Milan, we were impressed at one stroke by the high-quality materials and workmanship, which gives the fitness construction a very special appeal. The design team worked with Metalco, a local company.

Outdoor sports

The resulting collection of stylish and robust exercise equipment looks much more aesthetic than the equipment found in ordinary gyms through the use of fiber-reinforced concrete, stainless steel and high-quality wood.


The Leopard Tree comes with a seven meter high central trunk and nine associated high-end equipment therefore, which can be built in different ways. According to My Equilibria, this is the most resilient and visually appealing outdoor gym in the world

Outdoor training

Besides, it will not look like the same gym next door. “Just as two leopards do not have the same patterns or colors, each leopard tree is highly unique and customizable. You will not find two Leopard Trees that look identical.

An impressive series of professional videos related to My Equilibria products has been shot. Creating your own training plan is easy. After choosing the level of difficulty, taking into account your own physical condition, as well as the fitness goals, you can start.

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