Particularly stable, very durable, natural and warm, ageless – the parquet floor is a classic and is one of the most popular floor coverings. The different types of wood, formats and installation types offer a wide spectrum of floor design. We will guide you through all variations of the parquet and the innovative floor trends and give you helpful tips on how the correct installation works, so that you find your personal, high-quality parquet!

The right parquet floor – what types are there?

The classic flooring is available in different types. The difference is what type of wood, surface finish and look you choose. The different types of parquet look different and also have different characteristics. One thing is clear: the real wood brings a natural ambience. If you want to install a high-quality parquet floor , you should decide which type best suits the interior design style. With the right choice of wood you can give an individual touch of the floor. Generally you can choose between 2 variants – solid parquet or multi-layer parquet. The so-called multi-layer parquet (prefinished parquet) is cheaper, more ecological and has a multi-part structure. The solid parquet is made only from one type of wood and can be sanded down several times. Here is an overview of the different types of wood:

  • Oak” parquet> : gray-brown color, very hard and stable, thermally conductive
  • Maple: light gray color with thin lines, perfect for modern design and darker spaces
  • Walnut: has dark hue that brightens over time, vital look, perfect for country style, creates exclusive ambience
  • Cherry: reddish brown, visible contrasts and concise lines

Criteria for choosing the right parquet are not just the type of wood and the color. The surface finishing and the format also play a major role in the appearance of your floor. You choose a format of the floor where you will enjoy for a long time, the investment is important as it is long term:

  • Plank flooring: available as Merschichtparkett, but also as a single-layer parquet, rustic and classic look through the large planks that emphasize the details of the wood.
  • Herringbone: belongs to the group of rod parquets, is ideal for large spaces that create different sizes interesting impressions.

Which of the species you choose depends on the style of the apartment and most of the taste.

Laying parquet: helpful tips and instructions

If you have already selected and ordered the type of parquet, then a not so easy task for you – the laying . There are also differences in the technique for laying, which must be taken into account. Proper installation is important so that the parquet forms a stable and secure floor surface. Detailed instructions on how the installation works will be seen in the video:

oder lackiertes Parkett? Parquet sealing: g oiled or varnished parquet?

Have you laid the parquet, comes the last step – the sealing. This protects your parquet floor and offers you long-lasting pleasure. The constitution distinguishes between two types of sealing – natural oil impregnation and varnish sealing. The two have their advantages:

Oil impregnation – a surface treatment that does not require extensive care. The oiled parquet emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood and creates a natural and dull look.

Lacquer sealant – elegant look of the parquet floor, provides optimum protection, but is tough enough.

Our last, but most important tip: If you decide for real parquet – high-quality parquet floor is made of 100 percent wood!

No matter what kind of wood, installation and sealing you choose, there is no doubt – the parquet is the best solution for your home ecological and economical!

Have you already read our tips, then you will surely find the right parquet floor. Do not forget that the floor provides joy for generations and can be a perfect base for a cozy atmosphere. We hope that this article will help you choose the right parquet and make the best investment in the future!

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