Do you dream of endless summer nights and pool parties? Or do you have children or grandchildren who like to dive into the depths of the local pool? The swimming pool is suitable for people of all ages and has not been something affordable for a long time. Do you also want to beautify your garden, complement it with such an accessory and enjoy swimming in the summer with friends and relatives? But then you should take into account some facts about the effective winter and water care. The large pool guide is developed by us especially for your needs, so that you get the best aesthetic and functional.

The pool at home is accessible today but still a luxury

  • Quality – This term is an integral part of the whole steel wall basin, as well as any element of it. Here we place emphasis on sheathing, interior trim and floor protection fleece. In order for you to have complete comfort and safety, you should rather choose sheet steel as the shell of the pool and hard-wearing foil for the inside, which is partially protected from damage by the floor protection fleece. Do not underestimate the sturdy, high-quality materials so that you can look after and enjoy your impeccable pool for many years.
  • Shape – round, oval or square each shape has its own meaning and adds style to your home. We recommend that you opt for round variants. They look friendlier and you should not worry about having a baby or a child injured in a corner.
  • Installation function – In front of you are the three most preferred options: partially or completely built-in pool or above ground. In any case, you should follow your free choice and desire. Do not forget that a lot more work would be needed during installation. Of course, that does not stop a true enthusiast, but he has to be aware of it. Once you have made the right decision for you, you can find single basins in the market. On the other hand, pool sets are also available, which usually include sand filters, steel ladders, quartz sand and hoses.
  • Scope – First: look for a dimension that fits your garden. If you have a small field around the house, you could not afford to use the whole area for the steel wall basin. Conversely, a mini-pool in the huge garden would look rather strange. Second, try to find the balance between depth and diameter or width. For example: In a 120 meter deep round pool, the diameter should not be too large – about between 2 and 10 meters would be ideal.
  • Accessories – for the best care of the swimming pool you need additional care equipment. These include pumps, filter systems, products for water analysis and care, for example against algae. Since these are depending on the measure and individual needs, we would rather suggest that you consult personally with experts.

Spa Garden for happy moments at home

We hope to have provided you with the most useful information regarding your private swimming pool area. In any case, if you follow the tips above, you will definitely become a pool owner of reasonably priced and long-lasting swimming pools. For more information on swimming pools as well as a comprehensive pool encyclopedia, click here .

Clever illumination of the pool creates magical ambience

Children and adults will enjoy this pleasure in summer

Our team wishes you unforgettable moments of pleasure in your private garden!

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