Nice that there is the bedroom at home, where you can dream undisturbed, where the dreams can be experienced as a reality! Cuddled up in the blanket and sunk into a deep sleep, you dream freely and in the dreamland everything is possible. “The longer the night, the more numerous the dreams” is a famous Far Eastern saying. You do not need much to dream – just a good night’s sleep in the perfect bed. The days of the conventional double bed are over, nowadays there is a rich variety of beds – box spring beds, upholstered beds, solid wood beds, futon beds etc. But what makes the perfect bed?

The bed – a piece of furniture or a companion in lifeDie Futonbetten - ein Möbelstück oder ein Begleiter im Leben

Before going on the hunt for the ideal bed, let us familiarize you with the results of a survey conducted by the statistics portal : according to statistics, you sleep 505 minutes a day, or in other words about 8 hours a day. So it can be established that most Germans attach great importance to sound sleep. Above all, sleep helps keep the body and mind in balance, reduces stress and provides the necessary strength and mood for the next day. Therefore, the bed must be assigned the crucial role, so that the bedroom becomes a real temple of rest and relaxation, to fall asleep undisturbed, dream, and wake up happy.
What do you need to feel comfortable in the bedroom and to sleep well? The secret lies in one of the ancient and famous harmonies and philosophies that have become a science of living these days – Feng Shui. In the course of its 5,000-year history, the philosophy of living aims to enable people to enjoy the harmony of life and living. According to Feng Shui’s unwritten rules, the bedroom is the soul of the house, just as the kitchen is his heart. That’s why it’s even more important to find the right bed .

The futon beds: Pure enjoyment, a sense of aesthetics and love of nature

Die Futonbetten: Purer Genuss, Sinn für Ästhetik und Liebe zum Natur
The bed is in the center of the room, so the right choice is crucial. The so-called futon beds are the European alternative of the real representative of the Feng Shui philosophy – Futon. The original form of the futon is a bed with a thin sleeping pad filled with cotton and a blanket. Without slatted frame and the cuddly factor is hardly noticed. Although the futon beds have been adapted to the tastes and needs of Europeans, they still remain true to Japanese design.

The futon bed by the view of the Europeans

Heutzutage sind die Futonbetten an die Vorlieben und Bedürfnisse der Europäer angepasst, aber noch immer dem japanischen Design treu bleiben.
The characteristic feature of this type of bed is its frame height – it sleeps no more than 30 cm above the ground to be closer to nature and to recharge its energy source. The nature bondage plays an important role in Feng Shui philosophy, which also has great effect on the production of the futon mattress. It consists of several layers, which is filled with a spring core and breathable natural fibers. A part of the mattress is the coconut fiber, which ensures the certain hardness of the mattress. For greater comfort, the futon beds in Europe are equipped with slatted frames. But what makes a futon bed the right one for you?

Futon beds VS usual bed types

Futonbetten VS übliche Bettarten
The futon bed impresses on the one hand by simple look, but also by its uniqueness. The modern and minimalist appearance of the futon beds wins the love of the Germans. In contrast to the usual types of bed, the staging of the Asian culture in the form of such a bed offers more space to breathe. Because of its low height, the futon bed is the perfect living
Other worlds, different beds, but one goal – healthy sleep! The futon beds combine the best features of the rich, colorful culture of faraway Asia with the modern European world: the natural Japanese idea for healthy sleep on a mattress and the minimalist design of the bed meet the European preference for use of the bedstead and slatted frame for maximum Comfort.

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