A little orange, looks like tomatoes, but tastes sweet – what’s that? The healthy fruit – persimmon, which offers variety in winter and autumn to other fruits. And not only! Also too few calories and many nutritional values! What’s in the fruit Kaki and is really healthy Kaki, you will learn in this post!

What is kaki fruit and what is in it for Kaki to be healthy?

Kakis can be enjoyed in the winter season and mostly in the fall between October and December. They come from Asia and have an orange color and tomato shape. The fruit is perfect for a healthy fruit salad or

Have you convinced that Kaki is healthy? Now you should try the fruit! But how? It’s best to eat kakis fresh, either sliced ​​or straight from the bowl with the help of a spoon. If you want to prepare a real healthy breakfast, combine muesli with kakis. A healthy snack or low-calorie dessert, kaki fruit is perfect for a fruit salad. Kaki also tastes especially good in Smothie. Many ideas for recipes with persimmons can be found here:

Make finger food with kakis

Persimmon with Bacon Fingerfood Recipe

Fingerfood Recipe – Kak with cheese tastes especially good

Also enjoy the Kaki Vitamins in a delicious salad with beetroot

Chicken and exotic fruits are the perfect combination

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