Our fingernails are a reflection of ourselves and our mood. And how about our mood in February? – Romantic, of course! So, do not worry anymore because the color for February nail art is red. The medium and rich reds on the nails would be a perfect complement to your overall image for the day of love, because no other color reflects so well the Valentine’s Day mood, than red. We are pleased to present a compilation of dazzling nail designs Red, Matt, Glitter showcase. This article addresses equally well to all who can paint themselves, and to all who are left in the hands of the manicure professionals.

The Trendsetter of the Month of Love – Valentines Day Nail Design Red

The red fingernails are a trendy beauty trend not only in February, but also in all seasons. Whether in light or dark shades, dull or shiny, this color is gaining great popularity among the ladies. Due to the fact that the red is a real adornment for our nails, all these colors love so much. The nail polishes in red color scale enjoy a great variety of nuances and variants – sparkling, matt, shiny etc, so that these nail polishes can meet all needs. The saturation of the red nail polish guarantees durability of the enamel coating and the color. There is only one drawback – removing the paint is a difficult task at home. But it’s worth it!

The popular fingernails design for Valentine’s Day

A beautiful fingernail pattern to imitate

Dear ladies, do you like to” paint yourself> ? We have chosen a beautiful and simple nail design in which you will soon fall in love. All you need is a nail file, base nail polish, red nail polish, nail glue, small shiny stones and top nail polish. Follow the steps in the following instructions and the result will look beautiful!

  1. File your nails until you reach a shape with pointed ends.
  2. Paint your nails with base nail polish.
  3. Paint a small red oval diagonalizable on the left side of the fingernail.
  4. Repeat this step on the right side until the heart shape emerges.
  5. Paint your nails with the top nail polish.

To taste, you can decorate a fingernail with small stones and so give your nail design the finishing touch.

The nail design Red § Black – the first in the category “Nails to kill for” is

Did you want” to> deviate from the usual nail” design> ? Put on this matt gel nails pattern! The matt look with ombre effect of your nails is a combination of style and real beauty. Nowadays, everyone is in love with this trendy nail design Red § Black. Below you can look at the simple guide. Just follow the steps and you will be charmed by the end look.

  1. File your nails until they reach an oval shape.
  2. Paint your nails with base nail polish.
  3. Paint your nails with the red nail polish.
  4. On a sponge apply the red and black nail polish.
  5. Press the sponge on the fingernails 4/5 times.

After the nail polish has dried, the matte effect arises.

Cudgel on the nails is the current statement piece

Are you looking for a look that is shaped by the current fashion trends? This year, the fashion explains the colorful nail designs as a taboo. If your fingernails are painted in pastel colors, you should bet on a statement piece and what would be better in the month of love than a kiss on the nails. Minimalist and stylish – this is how we can characterize this nails pattern in two words. If you are not a fan of the kissing mouth, you can change it with a larger stone and the result will look just as stunning.

Wine red , glitter and matte effect = the best combination

The red wine is not only the color of the month of love, but also the color of the whole winter. It goes well with an evening with the girls. Whether the gang decides for a quiet evening on the couch or for a party evening, this color is the perfect choice. This brilliant blend of dark brown and red is best emphasized by a glittering touch. Your nails look is complete.


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