The color taupe, in other words beige-brown, refers to a dark brown color between brown and gray. The word comes from the French noun “taupe”, which means “a mole”. Originally, the word only refers to an average nuance of Mole fur, but from the 1940’s its use encompasses a wider range of hues. Taupe is merely a rather diffuse color name, which may indicate almost any gray-brown or brown-gray hue.

But it is complicated to call the right color taupe brown or gray

At any rate, it is difficult to define some colors. This category includes Indigo and Chartreuse as well as the color taupe. Taupe is referred to as an ordinary neutral, creating a perfect foundation and a subtle color accent for those who prefer traditional styles and coziness around the house. This belongs neither to the brown, nor to the gray family, lies somewhere in the middle. Today, wonderful rooms are presented, where these soft tones are used, which will hopefully inspire you to use this soft color accent. Just to refine your house, or to get used to this color.

Today, wonderful rooms are presented where color taupe is used

Curtains made of plush in fabe taupe

A dignified, elegant representation of the taupe color is a great example to present in a mostly feminist way.

This lush room is highlighted by beautiful taupe plush curtains

Romantic sofas

These elegant taupe sofas and throw pillows are used as a decorative accent for this mysterious romantic living room.

We particularly like this neutral shade in combination with the lighter airy cream tone

Magnificent bathroom

Decorated in a luxurious feminine style and painted in taupe, the room is crowned by a crystal chandelier.

Apart from the fact that the color name got a bad fame for its monotony, the room does not look boring at all

Creative workplace
The taupe color can create a non-ordinary scene for a perfect interplay of bright white or natural gray.

It can also be used interesting for a home office

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