In the morning, coffee is not just a custom but also a way of life. Around five hundred billion cups of coffee are drunk every year around the world. The Germans still prefer to drink a cup of coffee instead of a beer. Around 80% of the German population drinks a cup of coffee a day, that is 150 liters of coffee a year. By contrast, the coffee consumption of the Finns – about 2 times more cups of coffee than the Germans. With absolute certainty, we can summarize that almost nobody can survive a day without a cup of good coffee, because life is too short for bad coffee.

How about a day without coffee?

Are you a coffee lover? How many times have you felt like this:

It is 6:30 in the morning on Monday. I sound the alarm, get out of bed slowly, and go straight to the kitchen. “It’s too early!” – I tell myself, as long as I search for the coffee can. With the opening of the can I state that it is empty. “Really, Monday morning without coffee! You’re joking! “- I scream. Very dissatisfied, I leave the house as quickly as possible. As long as I’m waiting for the subway, I look up my daily spell on the phone to be inspired. The saying goes: “A good day smells like coffee in the morning!” But it brings back the bad memory that my day started without a cup of fragrant coffee. On the way to the office I count the minutes until I can drink the holy cup of coffee. In 5 minutes I’m in the office and go directly to the cafeteria. He was there – alone in the corner is the savior of my life – a shiny coffee machine ! I take a quick look at the many features of this technical marvel and am enchanted! This coffee machine is a true combination of stylish looks and practicality. After 3 simple steps, the long-awaited coffee runs into the cup. “What strong fragrant smell of the fresh coffee gets into my nose? – Magic! “- I shout. With the first sip I reached the peak of happiness!

The coffee machines – the invention of the 70s

These technical wonders were completely unknown until the last decades. Today, all small, medium-sized or large companies are equipped with at least one coffee machine that can prepare up to 36 coffee variations at the push of a button. Year after year, the idea for a handy electrical appliance is developed, which on the one hand offers a simplified coffee preparation method and on the other hand creates better experiences for the users. In the near future, the fully automatic coffee machines will be connected to the Internet so that you can easily prepare the coffee with great enjoyment.

Drinking a cup of coffee in the office affects the work process

To crown it all, we want to once again put the emphasis on the variety of functions of coffee machines. The coffee connoisseurs value the excellent combination of taste and speed. We find this saying particularly suitable:

“Thank God, there will be no coffee in the next world. Because there’s nothing worse than waiting for coffee when it’s not there yet. ”

Immanuel Kant, German philosopher

Let yourself be inspired by this and introduce your boss to the idea of ​​renting a coffee machine. Emphasize the fact that a coffee machine creates a pleasant atmosphere among colleagues. In the morning, there is nothing better than drinking a cup of sweet-smelling coffee and chatting with your colleagues to increase your tone. Our team wishes you to start enjoying the finest beans every day!

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