When the holidays are knocking on the door, we always dream of a unique but affordable decoration. Would not it be great if you could design invitations, stationery or packaging yourself? So you can afford more beautiful gifts. Today we share the cheapest and most beautiful deco art – making DIY stamps yourself. We have provided you with 3 detailed instructions. Take a look!

Make stamps yourself – many uses and a huge selection of materials

The deco with stamp has so many uses – to make your own greeting cards, to give the old things a new shine … just make the world more colorful! And make a stamp yourself – that’s real fun! Share this beautiful craft time with your children as well. A huge variety of stamping materials are available and most are perfect for crafting with children. With vegetables you can make the best stamp! Scroll down to instructions # 2! To make your own stamp, you must generally carve and dye the materials. And do you know that you can design your own fashion? Simply stamp your clothes with imagination! See below how it works!

Instructions # 1 – Make stamp on wood itself

In this guide we will create a unique beautiful scarf! All you need is a stamp and white fabric. You can of course buy stamps, but to make the scarf really unique, we will also make the stamp ourselves. See how!

You need these materials:

You need a white fabric if you want to make a scarf. Otherwise, you can stamp directly on invitation cards, greeting cards or T-shirts. A wooden wedges you can buy from the hardware store. When you make this scarf, you also need a fabric color and a paintbrush. Let’s go!

Make the stamp yourself – the manual

Instructions # 2 – Stamp on eraser

Everything you need:

Step 1: Draw the desired motif on paper with a pencil

Step 2: Glue the paper on eraser

Step 3: Cut the motif with the cutter

Making stamps out of vegetables yourself

Instructions # 3

Did you know . that you can make the best stamp from potatoes yourself? Original and funny! This technique is ideal for crafting with children. Every woman has potatoes and knives at home. You still need acrylic paint!

Step 1: Split the potatoes in the middle

This should result in two evenly sized potato halves. Then comes the cut. You do not need a shape for the subject shown in the picture. You can easily cut out a beautiful Christmas tree with a knife. For example, if you want to stamp star or heart, use the cookie cutters.

Step 2: Dye the motives on the potatoes with acrylic paint and brush

Unique: Every print looks different!

Tinker with your children!

Make beautiful roses with salad – how it works!

Make stamp with vegetables yourself

With salad or leek you can prepare delicious salads or food. But you can also stamp! Invitations with roses are really class and look beautiful! But if you are not a good painter, you can make beautiful roses with lettuce! Just cut the stem with a sharp knife and apply the acrylic paint on it. The best are older salads! Determine the desired size and remove the outer leaves.

You do not need more wrapping paper if you already have a stamp

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