Do you remember the most famous fairy tale “The princess on the pea”? Do you dream of such a huge bed in your own bedroom and a peaceful sleep like in the chambers of a castle? The American dream is already in Germany and is called Boxspringbed!

Boxspringbed – more than the epitome of luxury!

Since the boxspring beds have experienced a boom in America, this trend is increasingly prevailing in this country. Only last year almost 1 million box spring beds were sold in Germany. The reason – when it comes to luxury, the different customs in the lifestyle of other countries play no role. The box spring bed is actually not only a luxury, but quality of life and comfort. With a complete system of sturdy frame, high-quality mattress-like spring suspension and high-quality multi-zone mattresses, the box spring bed offers a high level of sleeping comfort. A selection of mattresses and box” spring bed construction will> help you to buy the right bed for your needs. We would like to introduce you to the soft world of box spring beds by getting to know many high-quality American beds on . Take a look at the following video and convince yourself of the many advantages of the box spring beds!

Make the best choice for sleeping on the clouds – 5 tips for box spring bed purchase

The American beds were once considered luxury, which could only be found in high-end hotels. Nowadays the stylish beds have developed very much – the high quality is almost available for every family with a wide range of mattress types and extras. In order for you to get the best comfort from your box spring bed, we have consulted with the specialists and collected some helpful tips for you, what you should pay attention to when buying boxspring beds :

  1. Questions about the individual needs are the be-all and end-all when buying boxspring beds – with good suppliers you will find different types of suspensions, degrees of hardness and mattresses. Choose a bed that is easy to customize.
  2. The mattress lies perfectly on the base of the box spring beds! The right choice of mattress type plays an important role in healthy sleep. The mattress for your box spring bed can be made of different materials, the quantity is important. A soft topper in combination with the right mattress ensures a better comfort.
  3. “You can not achieve everything, but you can try everything” – We recommend that you try your main sleeping positions on different box spring beds before buying. Probeliegen is not to be underestimated, since the own experience plays in the decision to purchase the main role.
  4. Pay attention to the height – with these up to 80 centimeters high beds the entry and exit is very pleasant.
  5. The price is not crucial when buying such a luxury item – cheap is not always cheap, especially when it comes to investing in the future.

Boxspringbed – fun to jump into bed!

Time is money. An average of 24 years of his life is spent in sleep. To make you happy in your sleep, you need the right bed. We have shown you a good long-term investment today. We hope that this will help you make the right decision to ensure a better quality of life!

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